Would anyone like to see John Porter return? #richardarmitage

Announcement today that Strike Back is getting a reboot. It’s already been cast, but it definitely made me a little nostalgic. I know at least one person who wouldn’t mind seeing way more Porter.


~ by Servetus on December 9, 2016.

46 Responses to “Would anyone like to see John Porter return? #richardarmitage”

  1. Count me in that list. Hell yeah, Portah.

  2. You betcha! But only if it was like “Origins” – not if Cinemax has anything to do with it! 😦

  3. most definitely! sigh…. wishful thinking

  4. Oh, I adored Porter. One of my favourite Armitage roles…..

  5. I LOVE John Porter. What I don’t love is the way cable made “Strike-Back” into a porn show. And the two lead characters were truly amoral, at least for the two epis I watched before I couldn’t stomach it any more. For that reason I am inwardly glad that RA had something else to go to. Wonder if that had something to do with his decision to leave SB?

    • Thanks for the comment and welcome.

      He noted in an interview that his agents had to do some tough negotiations — since most TV contracts in the UK are for three years, it’s been assumed he was referring to Strike Back.

  6. I would love to see Porter again. Do you know who got the part? He can’t possibly be as beautiful as RA was in that role. But I would give the new guy a chance, just to be fair.

  7. I would like to see a female lead.

    • I would have loved to see Jodhi May take over the section — she and Armitage could have gotten into some great arguments.

  8. Love to see him back

  9. I adore Porter, and would love to see him back, but only in an “origins” way as Teuchter commented. I can’t imagine RA returning to the role though, even if the opportunity presented itself.
    I’m happy to see a couple of Australian actors heading the new cast. I know of Daniel McPherson from a couple of projects he’s appeared in, but Alin Sumarwata is unfamiliar to me.

  10. I absolutely loved Porter (and the first season in general), and was disappointed that we didn’t get to see the continuation of the storyline started at the end of season 1. But I think it was about being able to film The Hobbit, and I love that he played Thorin. I also read that he wasn’t too fond of being in something so ‘gun-heavy’. I would imagine that even if Porter hadn’t died Richard Armitage probably wouldn’t return to it.

    The series then turned into a whole different animal, and while I had fun with it, I felt it didn’t have nearly the same depth with regard to the characters and plots as before. It was very much sex and action, though above average for something like this, in my personal opinion.

    So it will be interesting to see where they’re going with the third incarnation. The idea for the reboot came from someone responsible for season 1, but then those who did the later seasons are on board, so I suspect it might be more like the seasons after Porter.

    • I think he would have fulfilled the contract. They probably had a three year option on his performance, as is customary in the UK. You and I have a different impression of what he meant when he talked about the guns; it clearly wasn’t a dealbreaker for him.

      I didn’t watch the successor episodes at all. But I would definitely have watched two more years of the original series.

      • I didn’t mean that he broke the contract because of the guns but because of The Hobbit. That would have been a very appealing opportunity for many reasons.

        Regarding guns, I had the impression that he thought pretty hard about taking a role in such a project and that it was important to him that it was more than ‘just’ guns / action etc. Which is exactly what I love about this, the depth of the characters etc.

        I don’t think the series as it was after season 1 would have been that appealing to him, so I can’t imagine him returning even if his character wasn’t dead already. I could be mistaken, naturally, this is just my impression from his recent choice of roles and a few interviews.

        Regarding following seasons, I basically slipped into this because I bought a box set with the first two seasons. The huge changes between seasons 1 and 2 took some getting used to, but after a few episodes I basically accepted it as something completely different and had fun with it. But I can definitely understand the people who didn’t. For me, the first season is high-class British television, while the rest feels like (well done) guilty pleasure US-style, if you know what I mean.

        • He said he wanted the advertising not to be just about the guns. I doubt he thought that much about the presence or absence of guns at all until it came to be time to “sell” it and he realized that a lot of people watching him would be concerned about that aspect of it. I read it as a typical attitude both in the UK and to some extent here, we don’t want violence in our streets but it’s find to watch it as entertainment. At one point he also said that there was something compelling about shooting, as well. But various things he said in the spring / summer of 2010 also seemed to indicate that he wasn’t eager to take this role, and he didn’t have a lot of options if he wanted to be working at that time as the recession was badly affecting television production.

          I don’t see what leverage he would have had to get out of the regular contract unless he had had the Hobbit contract and impending shooting of that to create sympathy for his position. Porter wasn’t killed until the first episode of the second series. I think he’d have done the three years and been out (as he did with Robin Hood and Spooks).

          • That pretty much sums up my impression of this situation and his decisions.

            I’d really like to know if the series would have been continued as it was in season 1 if he hadn’t left, or if the American side of the producers would have demanded changes into the direction of season 2 following anyway / with him in it. But I guess that’s something we’ll never know.

            • They had always planned to try to sell the series internationally, so I am guessing they’d have the demanded the changes regardless of who was in it. Armitage was even less known in the US then than now; he’d have had no opportunity to make demands, I suspect.

  11. Porter….need I say more? 💝

  12. My favorite chaRActer , sigh , I cried buckets when he was written out , he could have been in deep undercover and he wasn’t really executed at all but was sent on a dangerous mission to track down extremists !

  13. Porter ❤ One of my five favourite RA’s characters.

  14. Ah, good old John Porter ❤ DAS waren noch Zeiten! seufz

    • I missed him last night.

      • While watching BS? Yes, I know where you coming from!

        • Strike Back series 1 was no marvel of drama and it will be forgotten in ten years but somehow they managed to make a flawed hero with heart and give Richard Armitage some room to actually display his talents …

          In a way it makes me happy that he didn’t do US TV sooner. If I’d have seen this I probably would have totally forgotten him or written him off.

          • I agree, no award material but lots of fun to watch with some really great characters (for an action series).
            There are some really great american tv series out there but sadly RA isn’t in one of them and for me his choices in this line of work aren’t that great til now even if BS was a step up to Hannibal because BS is more watchable for me.
            I am really curious what he’ll do next (and what I won’t be able to watch because it is buried somewhere or out of my range…) sigh

            • My guess at this point is at least one more season of Berlin Station. Although maybe with Steven and Julian off the map, there will be more time for developing Daniel / he will take a more central role. Although unfortunately, apparently, WITH Hector which is a disappointment for me. And then, I still hope, play in London toward the end of 2017. I’m also starting to hope that the Fantastic Beasts hype is “stichfest.” I wasn’t that thrilled about him being in another fantasy franchise but it would raise his profile.

              • I can live with that but also fight with a little bit of disapointment about this project.
                A play in London would be nice (although I am not that thrilled about the greek project with Yael that’s a possibility).
                Really? Wow, I dismissed it as pure rumor….

                • Yeah, I assume it is rumor. It’s really off the map for me to feel any allegiance to a rumor that isn’t about a play. But I hope there’s something there this time.

                  • I am not really familiar with all the fantastic beast story and haven’t read the article with RAs name in it really carefully but isn’t the character RA was suggested for gay? That could be really interesting to watch…

                    • Yeah (or kind of — Dumbledore isn’t gay in the books but after they were finished, JK Rowling said he was). Not sure how they’d play it in these films. (The first one is out, but I haven’t seen it yet.)

                    • Me neither and I won’t make it to the cinema and will catch it on dvd later….maybe till then we’ll know if RA will be in the second movie

  15. Oh yes, please! I’d love more Porter!

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