And there’s our favorite celebrity dwarf, I mean elf


~ by Servetus on December 12, 2016.

20 Responses to “And there’s our favorite celebrity dwarf, I mean elf”

  1. That profile still gets me every time.

  2. that was sweet of Mr. Richard Armitage to collect the toys and I agree about his profile, but when I look at his face ( it just might be me thinking this) he looks very tired, sick(maybe he has a cold/flu) but I mostly feel like something is bothering him deep down

    • I think it’s hard to say. He’s pale to begin with, this photo is overexposed, and we don’t know if/how much makeup he had on.

    • I agree with bloodangel. 🤔

      • something is bothering him deep down? Hard to deduce that from an overexposed photo IMO.

        • Hehe. No it’s more a feeling that I got from very recent pics and videos, especially the fresh face video. There was one micro expression in particular that made me think of that. This plus recent pics taken by different people had me think this way. But hey, I could be wrong. 😉

          • I don’t know that he is or isn’t, I’d just need to see the full argument to be convinced. I tend to think he isn’t because of how he’s been at the stagedoor. However, maybe that’s an act.

          • I think you’d have to keep in mind, too, that his (mild) aversion to doing publicity, plays a role in anything we see.

            • True. However, even with a mild aversion for publicity, I found that the dynamics for the publicity done for BSt on his part were different from what we’ve seen lately. Again, this is just a perception, and of course I do hope all is well.

  3. Felt it very strongly when I saw him at SD on 11/5. It was physically painful.

    • I think I’m just going to say that I don’t see any convincing evidence that Armitage is suffering from some deep down problem beyond the normal fatigue that a 45 year old man or any adult in his situation (lots of pressure) might be experiencing. (I have also been at the stage door in roughly the last month.) This doesn’t mean that he isn’t, only that I don’t see evidence of a type that convinces me. It also doesn’t mean that the present moment won’t look different in light of later evidence. I’m aware that there’s another group of fans who are discussing this issue at present, but their evidence is really flimsy IMO.

  4. He does have those elven ears…hehe

  5. Really apt headline. I thought the TV network had got his “previous occupation” wrong, and shook my head in disbelief, until I realized it referred to Santa’s little (rather tall) helper. LOL(at myself)

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