ICYMI: Video of Richard Armitage on Yahoo TV

Here. This was a REALLY fun one to watch.

~ by Servetus on December 12, 2016.

8 Responses to “ICYMI: Video of Richard Armitage on Yahoo TV”

  1. why do most of these interviewers screw up Mr. Richard Armitage’s last name. they should listen to his audiobooks, interviews on youtube or whatever websites and listen to him say his name the correct way. I did enjoy the interview. I liked some of the dorky expressions on his face when asked a question or was giving an answer. the watermelon story was funny.


    • I’m assuming that’s a rhetorical question — but if not, because the interviewers are American, they do a lot of these in a day and don’t really have time to prepare, it’s not immediately obvious to us how his name should be pronounced, most of us get our names mispronounced frequently by people who don’t know us, and even having the pronunciation written down correctly is no guarantee one will get it right.


    • I guess it sounds to me like the name is being pronounced correctly here, though.


  2. Hier gibt es einige richtig schöne Stellen. Ich glaube, er mag solche Interviews nicht wirklich. Aber er ist schließlich Profi und hat auch langsam Übung…
    Nein, er scheint tatsächlich relativ entspannt und zum Teil richtig locker, fast schon verspielt. Einige der Gesichtsausdrücke sind unbezahlbar.
    Herzlichen Dank für deine Mühe. Ohne dich würde ich solche Sachen wahrscheinlich verpassen 🙂
    Oh, ich glaube übrigens auch, dass sein Name korrekt ausgesprochen wurde (dieses Mal).


    • Yeah, I think looking away when the interviewer says “everyone’s here for you” is a dead giveaway. But mastering it with irony is a great strategy. “Verspielt” is a nice description.


    • and the comment about how he’d be “the invisible man.”


      • Das könnte er uns nicht wirklich antun…
        Wo wir seinen Anblick doch (unter anderem) so schätzen. Er kokettiert hier ganz allerliebst.


        • He’s said that before (if he could have a superpower it would be to be invisible) — I think he’d be happy just to be seen on stage or screen and not outside of there. But yeah, the playfulness is very charming.


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