Richard Armitage changes his plans


~ by Servetus on December 12, 2016.

11 Responses to “Richard Armitage changes his plans”

  1. Verstehe ich das richtig – er hat sich nicht direkt zu “Romeo and Juliet” geäußert und nun ist er auch hier (plötzlich) verhindert?
    Hoffentlich geht es ihm gut und das, was ihn abhält, ist etwas Erfreuliches.
    Irre ich mich oder ist das ein eher ungewöhnliches Verhalten?


  2. it was very kind/nice of Mr. Richard Armitage to let people know that he was not able to do the berlin station tweet tonight, I hope everything is okay with him/his family or whatever is going on.


  3. Wondering if he is under the weather- this was perhaps an easier miss than all the things he has going on tomorrow…. I don’t know either, but a lot of people around here in the same time zone are also not feeling well, we’ve all been through it.


  4. Zoe was sick, and they touch each regularly in Act Three. Maybe we’ll hear on TV tomorrow.


  5. Weird!!!


  6. He first retweeted an old tweet about tweeting about episode 7, then removed it and replaced it with the tweet about episode 9, then this. It seems that a few things went a bit wrong yesterday.


  7. having just seen it — I didn’t think he sounded sick. I wonder if it was just that he looked at the call time to appear on the show at 7:30. The car was probably at his apartment at 4:30 and maybe he thought he shouldn’t stay up until 10 his time.


    • I don’t think he seemed sick either. Yesterday was a busy day too, with the celeb session after the matinee – it was probably pretty close to as you said.


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