Berlin Station survivor: Which character would you like to see gone? #richardarmitage

I didn’t offer “Daniel Miller” as a choice, because that’s essentially saying you don’t want Armitage to continue in the role (which is a legitimate position, but doesn’t answer the question of which character you don’t want to see back if Daniel Miller persists into the second season).

~ by Servetus on December 13, 2016.

15 Responses to “Berlin Station survivor: Which character would you like to see gone? #richardarmitage”

  1. I’m surprised Esther Krug is up there….I rather like her. I wouldn’t want to know her but I find her an interesting character. And I do like her and Daniel together. It’s a bit of a different romance than the usual. An unromantic romance. I just find it interesting and want to know more about the ‘real’ Esther Krug. What makes her tick?


  2. I wanted to vote for two, Hector and Robert are equally annoying to me. Hector seems to range between overwrought and smug. Robert just seems whiny. He probably has good reasons to be whiny, but it doesn’t make him more watchable, for me.


  3. Only one? That’s hard because I would love to see Steven, Valerie and Hans disappear…


    • i like Hans! Hans stays! the other 2 can go… i have a hard time picking the ones i would like to survive… which says a lot in itself. Esther and Hans would def be it and Sandra. Otherwise i’d kill of most of the CIA office and keep all the Germans in (less airtime but better characters and better acting all round).


    • If possible, I would kick out most of the characters, only Hector and Robert should stay. And more screentime for Ingrid and less for the annoying Esther.


  4. I’m also surprised that so many people would like to see Esther gone. I find her and their relationship quite interesting – in contrast to a lot of the rest of Berlin Station. It’s definitely unusual, as sparkhouse1 says.

    Kirsch really gets on my nerves. He’s just too whiny, and he doesn’t come across as capable of working with others, he’s not observant at all, which would be important in this job. However did he rise to this position anyway?


    • Because somebody has to actually do Robert’s job ? 😉 seems to me to be much more incompetent than Kirsch :-p but they’re a pretty useless lot i had to admit.


  5. Why does Esther sound like she’s from Kansas? This annoys me. Seems like she ought to have a German accent. As a character, Esther has been kind of interesting, but deleting her from the story would be very satisfying.


  6. […] a tie between Hector and Steven. Results are here. I was surprised that so many of us wanted Esther Krug gone. But the only one on the list who is […]


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