Richard Armitage looks a little wired

~ by Servetus on December 13, 2016.

29 Responses to “Richard Armitage looks a little wired”

  1. Very apt description! Just wonder whether it had anything to do with what was in the coffee mug?!

  2. I think he looks like Hector.

  3. He has thoughtfully turned the coffee mug around so that the Yahoo logo is visible. snorts

  4. Is it just me or does he appear to be too thin these days. His skin (face and neck) seems oddly ‘stretched’ -and tight. Then again it could be the camera angle? I noticed it in a couple of more recent shots. Maybe the theatre run wears him down more than filming?

    • Yes, yes, yes!

    • He’s been around this weight since about the middle of 2016. Definitely more slender than before, even than Daniel Miller. My theory was that this is supposed to support him looking 19 (he himself was a lanky nineteen year old).

      • Yes, you’re right. Maybe it’s also being clean shaven that makes him look a little gaunt. I think it makes him look older than he is and slightly sickly too, not that I have seen him in person at this weight or on stage playing a 19yo, not sure their weight loss helped. Did it? (It’s only that I was quite shocked by some newer pictures/vids. I guess his family will feed him generously over the holidays😉 He should put on a little more weight than this.)

        • He doesn’t look nineteen on stage — he doesn’t have the unformed face of the 19 year old — but he seems nineteen, if that makes any sense. His weight may make a difference to him, as well, in terms of his capacity to feel 19.

          (here’s a picture of him from roughly that period of his real life):

          He’s thin for my taste, too, but I’m pretty much in the “he knows what he’s doing” camp, mostly because our views are all inevitably distorted by our perspectives.

          • That’s my camp too! I don’t need more children 😂

            • He also has real life people who look out for him better than I can. Including his own mom 🙂

              I noticed yesterday though that I’m tense because we are definitely standing on the edge of another wave of “poor suffering Richard.” I really hope he doesn’t disappear from view totally in January because if he does, there will be an epidemic.

              • Was heißt Helfersyndrom auf englisch?

              • ‘Poor suffering R’? (On Twitter because he’s skinny?) Well, he is a grown man, and I don’t plan to adopt him 😉
                Could be just me, but I really thought he looked weird/off (not sure what to call it) in some recent shots. With his Daniel Miller weight he looks somehow healthier and more like I remember him from other roles – Does that makes sense? It has quite likely to do with my personal taste of what I think makes a man attractive, and I like mine with a wee bit more meat on their bones.

                • There are a lot of things that play into it (not just what happens on Twitter — there are active discussions about him going on elsewhere and some of these places don’t play well with other of these places — the rules are different in each — and some people observe only one or two of them and others observe all of them and so on). I also think that it has a lot to do with one’s own picture of him, the person that any individual fan needs him to be.

                  The other thing is that I think the way that people cycle into and out of the fandom means that anything that happens, any picture that we see, is regarded differently by people of different “generations”.

      • I suspect he is one of the extremely lucky people with a high metabolism rate. My husband, like Richard, is tall and thin. He shovels (mostly heathy) food in his mouth constantly and it does not make a difference. I thought advancing age would make a difference. It hasn’t. Of course, I am the opposite, so I watch all this with a bit of envy. Just a bit.

  5. yes 🙂 or he has a cold…and IMO he sounds bit more sarcastic that usual.

  6. RA doesn’t like to be heavy and he takes time to work out regularly. I also think Michelle Forbes has influenced his dietary choices. She’s hardcore vegetarian, though he admits he couldn’t give up meat entirely. I seem to remember a shot he posted on Twitter during Crucible of stuff from the health food store. Strikes me as a disciplined individual.

    • Thanks for the comment and welcome. I meant “wired” (refers to general vibe of photo) not “wiry” (physical appearance). However, we’ll have to disagree on whether he’s a vegetarian. The evidence is not clear one way or the other. Also, one can be self-disciplined and still eat meat; it’s not either / or.

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