Variety critic puts Berlin Station in her 2016 Top Ten #richardarmitage



~ by Servetus on December 13, 2016.

13 Responses to “Variety critic puts Berlin Station in her 2016 Top Ten #richardarmitage”

  1. Ten episodes? First season? Little does she know that Richard Armitage is just warming up.


    • Right now I’m hanging my hopes on the possible clear out of a character or two will mean that we can get a little more of Daniel as a central character and Richard Armitage as an artist.


      • I think I may know of at least one of the characters you are probably hoping will be gone…but I think, since he is currently in the wind, he will eventually be back. And the other will probably be back in charge when Julian is made the scapegoat and Daniel holds some info over Hans’ head. Am I warm?


        • I don’t know how Steven can credibly be rescued as a major character (which also knocks out Kellie and possibly Sandra). Julian is already gone (as is Claire).

          I see as surviving: Valerie and Robert (that sniping is too good to let go), Daniel, Hector, Esther Krug, Patricia. I’m hoping for a return of Joker.

          That would put us down net four bodies. Hopefully they’d restrain themselves with the introduction of new characters ….


          • I agree, they are the most probable returning characters. I am really hoping Steven and Kellie will go, they are my absolute least favourites – both of them (I don’t even know which of the two I dislike more). I found Joker intriguing and I really like the reporter (I forget her name) and I like Sandra but she needs a bigger role, and not just as Steven’s secretary. I don’t want him back but somehow I see Steven sticking around with Hans somehow saving Steven (forced by Daniel’s newfound info). I really hope I’m way off though. If the show is to last, RA needs a way more screentime for sure – the episodes seems so fractured right now without someone to feel like an anchor.


  2. I guess it is all a question of personal taste but BS as good as American Crime Story and The Night Manager???


    • I haven’t watched enough TV to list even 20 shows I watched this year, but I tried The Night Manager and couldn’t get through the first episode. I know everyone loved it.

      Practically speaking — there is so much TV to watch in the US that even someone who did nothing but watch TV all day couldn’t really put together a representative list.


      • ‘Nightmanager’: Pretty much the only series I’ve seen this year, but I wasn’t all too excited about it!! (besides watching ‘Broadchurch’, which I really loved!!)


      • Well, I know some more people who didn’t like The Night Manager.
        I only was surprised about this because both shows I mentioned above were great in exploring the characters and/or their inner lifes and I really can’t say that about BS


        • The only thing I’ve seen consistently on a lot of Top TV in 2016 lists is that OJ Simpson series — and I didn’t realize till today that it was part of American Crime Story. And I saw that. It was excellent.


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