Speak while you can


~ by Servetus on December 14, 2016.

7 Responses to “Speak while you can”

  1. Why? I would ask. I don’t think it would be a successful show only for the fact that truth and fact seen meaningless to Mr. you know who (the one who’s name we dare not speak).


    • Yeah, this tweet expresses a position that I argue against whenever I encounter it IRL, i.e., that somehow every politician is constantly lying or all politicians are the same kind of liar. I understand that it comes from frustration but that doesn’t make it true.

      And yeah. Not clear how DJT would tell the truth from a lie even with the help of a plygraph.


      • polygraph or no, DJT doesn’t want or seem to need the truth – the polygraphed is rigged – “it’s a rigged system folks!” (new catchphrase for RA’s proposed Trump exec produced show?). His truth seems to be whatever he needs it to be for his own purposes. Plus his ‘truth’ seems pretty fluid, depending on the day, or who he’s talking to at the moment, which way the wind blew his hair, etc. I’ll be quiet now – not a US citizen after all. But it is giving me a lot of anxiety.


        • You and me both 🙂 and I have been a citizen my whole life 🙂

          I also think that we’re getting to the point where there is no more utility to tweeting about this (if we hadn’t already reached it long ago). Of course everyone still has the right to tweet as they wish (hence my title). But the main thing that this tweet seems to have called forth is a kind of vile argument between strangers who will never convince each other. It’s always odd to me when people who claim they want to see unity and reconciliation engage in this sort of thing.


          • You’re right, there is no longer utility tweeting about it. It seems so futile and pointless. Tweets regarding the insanity, the inanity, the absurdity, the hypocrisy – all of it. Tweeting, protesting, only seems to be preaching to the choir. nothing is going to stop what is happening. And that is what is causing my personal anxiety – the hopelessness that no amount of protesting, no amount of ‘truth’ is going to prevent January 20th. I would love to see unity and reconciliation and try and give the benefit of the doubt but then I read about another appointment, another phone call, on and on. I’m a little afraid of what some peoples futures may be.


            • Oh dear 😦 This is so similar to what is going on here. Words Words Words and Lies Lies Lies . I’m counting on our stupid pride and stupid curage 😦 You may take anyting from us…ANYTHING…but try to ban, try to forbid something and you will see!


  2. I think there might be a point to certain kinds of protests (although it’s complex and I won’t get into it here), but as long as people can’t look at a situation critically (and it’s not just Trump supporters who won’t; the problem is more widespread) and cooperate to solve it, the discussions are pointless.

    I’m frightened, too. And the behind the scenes scramble for certain groups of people who we really have to call “threatened” at this point has already begun.


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