[spoilers] Richard Armitage comments on Berlin Station episode 10

Here. If that picture belongs to this episode, we’ll be seeing some people we haven’t seen for ages. And if you watch the vid, prepare to be annoyed.

~ by Servetus on December 15, 2016.

15 Responses to “[spoilers] Richard Armitage comments on Berlin Station episode 10”

  1. Can’t watch the video, for the best maybe 😑


    • Others o/s of US have been able to watch by clicking through to the youtube site nd then once you get the message there that it won’t load, changing the letters “tube” in the URL to “pak”.


      • Thanks! Will try to “unblock” it.


        • I typed “berlin station episode 10” in the youtube search box and it came up ok for me (I’m in Canada). And I have to say I loved the trailer because I was expecting a really boring episode 10 with everyone kind of just digesting Hector was Shaw (which I always thought could not be the whole story – way too simple) and some gnashing of teeth by the characters over the boss in prison and figuring out how to get rid of the new visiting boss, Clay. BORING. But I am liking that new twists are being thrown in. I am really interested in episode 10 right now – I think there will be a lot more Daniel Miller in it now for sure as well.


          • The future of the station is at stake, so I figured it wouldn’t be uneventful in any case. Also they have to explain why they were doing that weird maneuver at the beginning that ends up with Daniel being shot.


            • The agent Daniel replaced, the one Valerie was to take to the airport, I think he may have been behind the scenes, pulling strings? ? If so, what does Valerie know and has been complicit in (she was very concerned about him and he was quite resentful he couldn’t go to Budapest was it?). I had always wondered about that guy because I couldn’t figure out why his story was so detailed for such a small part of episode one. And that Clay guy being in Berlin – thinking about the possibilities now for episode 10 has become way more interesting all of a sudden. I hope my imagination isn’t running wild for no reason!


  2. I agree that the video was annoying. Is Robert so incompetent he doesn’t realize the CIA is now watching his every move? A daytime meeting in the park with the file laid open? Really???


    • I may be wrong, but as far as I know the FBI has no power to arrest anyone outside of the U.S.

      Also, if there was no point to the whole Iosava thing, why have we been puzzling over it for weeks? And why is Claire dead?


      • Maybe Claire isn’t dead? Maybe she is Agatha Christie’s 10 Little Indians/And Then There Were None?


        • And maybe Daniel knows this? He sure zeroed in on that hidden metal tin with the thumb drives (thumb drives?) in it really quickly. And that tin sure looked similar to his stash he dug up in Panama. My imagination really is running wild. I am so totally carried away and most likely way off base but that little trailer and RA’s tweet has me thinking of all sorts of scenarios which is fun for a change because I really wasn’t very invested in the convoluted plot until now. Now I am really wanting to see episode 10. I didn’t think I would feel this way. Their relentless marketing finally got me!


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