Wow, Richard Armitage’s header changed

That is a fantastic picture.


~ by Servetus on December 19, 2016.

13 Responses to “Wow, Richard Armitage’s header changed”

  1. Aber Hallöchen! Da hatte ja jemand ein glückliches Händchen bei der Auswahl. Schaut bezwingend aus! Sehr intensiv. Schön.


  2. Fierce look! I love the eyes. And the etched line from nose to mouth.


  3. My, my!! ‘Fault’ magazine’s pic makes a late resurgence!! Rather liked some of those photographs.
    Now that seems like (at least for me!) he’s a bit fed up with a lot of things (!!) at the moment, and obviously with all the Berlin Station promo in particular. Furthermore I find the crew’s bidding good-bye to LLL strangely quiet and very, very reserved. No posting of pics or anything. No comment of the other actors despite Ben Rosenfield’s “over and out”, which the longer I think about it, sounds somehow pretty flippant, right? I don’t know why I still have that feeling of some odd undercurrents here. Zoe?? OTOH maybe it’s only me…… 🙂 He surely needs a break (….and Brexit-England awaits him!!) 😦


    • I have that feeling too without any specific reason. However, we also didn’t see any really personal pictures from the opening, either; maybe they made an agreement not to share (would be understandable).


      • What comes to mind is that for instance he had not mentioned the two guys who were in charge of the entrance and the SD “every” day. (Ok, I can’t remember them ever holding any of his pressie bags?) Or any other crew members, whom we numerously “met through pictures” during the run of TC in London ?? Perhaps…. at the theatre it’s all so business as usual for the hard-boiled New Yorkers !! 😉


  4. Another Fault magazine pic too for his Facebook header. I love his choices! 🙂


  5. Love it!


  6. Intense. Is is from The Crucible interview or shoot?


  7. Those eyes (sigh)


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