The Berlin Station character you most wanted gone?

Was a tie between Hector and Steven. Results are here. I was surprised that so many of us wanted Esther Krug gone. But the only one on the list who is definitely out for next season is Hans Richter — so about five percent of respondents can be happy about that!

~ by Servetus on December 20, 2016.

14 Responses to “The Berlin Station character you most wanted gone?”

  1. It’s seem I am a minority opinion but I really liked Esther and Daniel together. I thought the actress had real chemistry with RA and that’s something I didn’t think he had with many of his leading ladies.


    • I didn’t think they had much chemistry but in part that was b/c of the way they were written — as very cynical, manipulative people (Esther more so than Daniel) with relatively formulaic / stylistic dialogue. I did enjoy watching them make out / have sex, however, and Esther as a character didn’t concretely make me angry as a viewer.

      I picked Steven Frost. For me it was a tossup between him and Hector.


      • I liked Esther and her stealthy cold ways – she was interesting and was an interesting pairing with Daniel. And it was somewhat fascinating watching her really enjoy all that smoking! But after seeing that kiss from episode 10 when she woke to Mr. Sexy standing at the foot of her bed I’m wondering who actually is the more manipulative of the two — I’m leaning heavily towards Daniel being more manipulative right now; although I’m not sure if it was manipulation or spite on his part To me, Esther seemed sincerely happy he was alive and in her bedroom and very much into the kiss – until she realized he was clearly kissing her for ulterior motives. Then she seemed angry, disappointed and even a little frightened. That scene actually left my stomach a little knotted – Daniel had the quiet simmering lethal anger going on there.


        • I love your description / analysis of this. It was an interesting scene, and I generally found these two together one of the best and most interesting aspects of BS.


        • Totally agree about the kiss and I absolutely think Daniel is manipulative. (part of why the speech at the end of ep 10 was so galling).

          Honestly, I wish he’d gotten together with Ingrid Hollander, because it was obvious they disagreed about everything. Of course, then it would have been another story.


          • Maybe in season 2 Ingrid and Daniel will get to know each other? Here’s hoping. Which would leave Esther simmering and smoking on the side. The three would make a lovely dynamic and give the complicated spy plots a little extra oomph and interest.


  2. Yes some very annoying characters. Hector was my number 1.


  3. I’m guessing after you steal the CIA director’s plane you don’t get to be in the CIA anymore? Let’s hope.


  4. I really like Hector -Rhys Ifans is such a good actor. Love Richard Jenkins, but Stephen is whiny and weak for a CIA head.


    • Thanks for the comment and welcome. Rhys Ifans is such a good actor that he made me despise the character, lol. I agree re: Steven, I don’t know how he could have gotten this far in life.


  5. I too liked Daniel and Esther together. And there was definitely something quite unsettling and manipulative about Daniel in that last scene in Esther’s bedroom.
    Also, I have just found out that my brother is watching Berlin Station – quite unbeknownst to, and unprovoked by, me. He’s really enjoying it!


  6. […] TL; DR version — this episode was stronger than about 2/3 of last season. Upsides — shorter scenes; more effective storytelling with less exposition; great script for Valerie and Esther Krug; Richard Armitage’s playing of the Trevor part of Daniel; beautiful Berlin but not so distracting as last season; noticeable and credible interjection of the series into contemporary world events; Keke Palmer’s energy. Downsides — the BB Yates character and her scripting; Ashley Judd’s acting; the two characters I liked least are back in the show. […]


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