Right behind the house


~ by Servetus on December 21, 2016.

22 Responses to “Right behind the house”

  1. It certainly looks lovely. However, living the dream in freezing Toronto the last few days I can’t say I am appreciating the beauty of it at the moment.


    • It’s fine as long as I’m photographing it from inside. It’s when I have to start clearing it out of my path that I become ambivalent.


  2. beautiful, how does winter feel, this time around?


  3. Beautiful!! I wish we had a heap of snow like that right now. We just had a ton of freezing rain and now everything is like a giant skating rink. It’s terrifying to walk anywhere!


  4. Looks like you have more snow than us. You must have gotten more this past Friday/Saturday. We got far less than excepted. Freezing cold on Sunday, never got above zero.


  5. Looks beautiful but I am still glad I don’t have to deal with snow at the moment 🙂


  6. Beautiful ❤ And at first glance I though I saw a giant acorn giggles


  7. I took an almost identical picture this weekend, but I have probably double that on my table . I live at a slightly higher elevation near Vancouver . This is the most snow we’ve had in many years. It’s beautiful, but the cities here are just not equipped to handle it.


    • This is a normal snowfall, maybe on the heavy side — but I can’t imagine what we’d do if we weren’t set up to handle it. There’s a whole system of plowing and salting set up to keep us going.


      • Here we have many hills, very few snow plows and very few salt trucks. And (unlike when I lived in Toronto) people are allowed to park on the street. By the time the trucks get to the hills, everything is slippery and cars prevent the plows from doing more than just a strip down the middle (except on the main roads). Thankfully, this only happens very infrequently. Still pretty treacherous even today.


  8. My children are dreaming of white christmas, but we have rarely snow. I am living near a river, so we have nearly everyday fog. Your pic, snow with sunshine, looks good for winter holidays


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