Would you play Twister with Richard Armitage’s family?

Here’s a collection of some of Richard Armitage’s earlier statements about Christmas, including his relationship with the Queen’s Speech.

And a few more in the video below. Info about Rod Hull and Emu is here and here.

~ by Servetus on December 25, 2016.

9 Responses to “Would you play Twister with Richard Armitage’s family?”

  1. Thanks for this, it was fun!


  2. That was a refreshing and heartwarming read 😉 Nice to be reminded how genuinely he seems to enjoy the family get-together and the chance of playing (silly) games!


  3. …….. and indeed, for out of some to me unfathomable reason I would love to play Twister with Richard Armitage’s family!!! 😀 😀 Nette Frage!! 😉


    • I’m guessing there would be many volunteers 🙂

      I wonder what it’s like as a parent to play charades when one of your kids is a professional actor. Or if charades are still fun when you’re a professional actor? 🙂


      • Of course! 😊 nobody is a good actor after too much food and drink. He is very lucky to have such lovely family xmas memories. Many don’t realise just how lucky they are to enjoy these kind of holidays…

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      • Charades are a big part of my Anglo-Irish family’s Christmas. No professional actors, thanks be to the universe, (a few drama queens, though) but the whole thing is always a group effort with no one outshining others. Makes me wonder whether charades are played the same way in the Armitage clan.
        PS: My team won this Christmas yay


  4. He surely became an actor because they played charades at home !!!! Right? 🙂 If they still play them to this day, they all appear to be very reliant.

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