It’s still Richard Armitage for me

Richard Armitage, press tour for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey DVD release (2013).

Richard Armitage, press tour for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey DVD release (2013).

Like many of us, I’m experiencing a certain amount of withdrawal from the near daily updates of pictures of Richard Armitage and videos and articles related to Love, Love, Love, Berlin Station, and Romeo & Juliet. There was something enjoyable to looking even when I didn’t find. (Auch wenn ich nicht fündig wurde — I love that turn of phrase.) Perhaps because the odds were so good and the materials were so frequent.

Pondering my ongoing preoccupation (and the fact that it seems to have survived November 10th), I find myself thinking two things. One is that the photos we have (and there are SO many photos now) almost instantly call forth a reaction, a memory of all of the positive feelings over the years. But the second and more important one is that I’m still replaying Love, Love, Love and my days in New York in my mind.

Armitage on stage is like Armitage nowhere else. He’s alive there, in his element, in a way I’ve seen him nowhere else, with an incomparable energy, a dazzling skill, a presence that is both intimate and generous. I think that’s what I’m pondering when I replay that time in my mind, where that comes from. The question — how does he do this? — still lacks a complete answer. In the end, there’s nothing I want to watch so much as him, however that happens (pictures, stage, screen).

I imagine the spring will be sparse but I’ve got the next play to hope for.

~ by Servetus on December 28, 2016.

23 Responses to “It’s still Richard Armitage for me”

  1. I like your comments I feel that his true calling is the stage. He is very good in film and TV but I don’t think I will ever forget The Crucible. I did not seenLLL way to far to travel from Australia. Hoping for a stage performance 2017 in London.

    • Me, too. Of course, I’d take New York but London seems likelier. And when I look at the total cost of the trip, London is not that much more expensive.

  2. Armitage on stage is like Armitage nowhere else. He’s alive there, in his element, in a way I’ve seen him nowhere else, with an incomparable energy, a dazzling skill, a presence that is both intimate and generous.
    This. This is what dispirits me most of all about him doing stage work, even though I am happy for him that he is doing what he loves best. That I will in all likelihood never have the privilege of seeing him “in his element.” (post Christmas bleahs…..sorry!)

    • You said the exact thing I want to say… Sometimes I feel sad for myself, why do I keep doing this Armitage stuff, Knowing that he’s in another part of the planet, that I can’t ever reach him. But I still love him anyway. Watching him on screen is the only way For me… *uglysobs (sorry for my english, not my first language)

      • well, watching him on screen is good, too — for a long time that is all there was for fans. Ten years, really.

    • Yeah, same for me too :/

    • I was thinking about Australians when I wrote this and I realized it could be painful to read. I’m obviously not opposed to him continuing to do film, tv, etc. — but I think the crucial difference is that theater is live and it happens all in one stretch, i.e., you get to see him uninterrupted and your perception is not controlled by the film editor.

      I really hope there is some way for you to see him live on stage someday and I’ll always be sympathetic to this problem (even if there is nothing I can do about it).

      • I know you are Serv (sympathetic that is), and it’s not just the tyranny of distance. There are so many other factors that determine our accessibility to RA’s stage work – financial, health, family responsibility etc. I always feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to see him in the flesh in Sydney in 2013, an opportunity that many others did not have (and will delight in those memories for a long time to come!)
        I’m glad it is still Richard Armitage for you! 🙂

        • You’re right about the other factors. There were plenty of people in England who couldn’t afford to see the Crucible, as well, due to all kinds of constraints.

          I’m glad you’re still around, too!

  3. This post brightened my day a little bit (not that it needed brightening but nevertheless it did brighten it) because for a little while now I had a bit of a feeling that come 2017 I was going to read the opposite – that your preoccupation had come to an end (due to Nov. 10 and other ‘dates’) which selfishly made me glad that here you write that it didn’t because I have a sinking feeling 2017 is not going to be pleasant so your continued presence with your ‘preoccupation’ and “+ ME” (you, not me) continuity is comforting in a weird way. Sorry for the somewhat nonsensical run on sentence – I’m so glad there is no chocolate left in my house because sugar overload happened days ago. I have a daughter who lives in Belfast so maybe, just maybe, if the stars (and finances) align, I can someday combine a visit with her and a play in London. Best wishes for you and your family and friends and loved ones and all your fellow readers for 2017!

    • Thanks for the supportive words and for hanging around here and brightening MY days. Yeah, 2017 is going to be disastrous. I think I’m still holding my breath about how bad. I may not lose my health insurance in February, but I’m relatively sure I have friends and former students who will be deported or whose family members will be deported.

      I won’t deny that some thing has shifted and my feelings about Richard Armitage are different than they have been. I suppose now I have to look for answers to my questions in different ways. I know there are other people who are holding on by a thread. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. But I’m glad that I went back to NYC if only for this reason, to remind myself of how talented he is and how inspiring it is to observe him.

      I hope you can do a play, too. It really IS worth it. Meanwhile best for you and yours for 2017 — einen guten Rutsch, as the Germans say!

  4. Les réductions de la liberté continueront en 2017, au nom de la sécurité.
    Arrivée à NY j’ai du entre autre donner mon visage en photo et j’ai du encrer mes dix doigts pour empreintes digitales.
    Pour se rendre, y compris pour un simple voyage, aux États-Unis, il faudra désormais fournir en plus les liens vers nos comptes sur les réseaux sociaux, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. L’idée est de pouvoir vérifier que la personne ne constitue pas une menace envers les USA. Et cela afin d’obtenir le document ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). Ce formulaire obligatoire, depuis le 12 janvier 2009, est à remplir en ligne par tout ressortissant français en prévision de son voyage aux USA. Il permet d’avoir, en amont du voyage, une autorisation d’entrée aux USA sous le régime du VWP (Visa Waiver Program).
    Si les cases ne sont pas obligatoires lors du remplissage du formulaire, le risque existe toutefois que la demande soit refusée, par suspicion, et cela alors même que tout le monde ne possède pas forcément aujourd’hui de compte sur les réseaux sociaux (moi par exemple). Par ailleurs, quid des comptes qui ne sont pas en libre accès ? Seront-ils eux aussi plus enclin à entrainer une interdiction de séjour ?
    J’ai eu de la chance que LLL était joué en octobre 2016!

    • I saw that report, too. Hugely disturbing, particularly when we consider who’s in charge of the US government at the moment.

  5. Who knows what will happen in 2017? I mean with this isolationist wave across the world, will we be able to travel as freely as we have before?
    I remember having to apply for a visa to go to the US. This was in 1991. I was a lot younger then; could even be taken for an au-pair, but instead I was granted a life-time visa (although only valid for 10 years), instead it was the cause of much amusement at the time.
    Also, and this may be completely unrelated: I tried to order some goods on Amazon UK, but none of it could be shipped to Denmark. So, is it because of Brexit?
    I don’t like to feel restricted, and I do feel restricted in my ability to move to -even if it is in terms of purchase from – places I would love to go/purchase from. Although I don’t go. Still the notion of a backward development causes me to feel slightly ill – Am I overreacting?

    So happy for you, Serv, you went – not only once, but twice – I wish I could have; I would have were it not for commitment elsewhere. And I’m happy you’re still into Richard Armitage ❤ So am I!
    Happy New Year to all! – This year, it seems a new year cannot get here fast enough.

    • No, you are not overreacting. Some countries that were old friends, are now “black listed” by the USA. Europe now is going to be considered as an unsure continent for them. France and Germany are becoming at the highest level of surveillance. We are now potencial terrorists. I do not think that we shall all have the same status. The movie star, the politician, the big industrialist will not undergo the identical administrative harassments. We will have to get used to living with those constraints.

      • I’m really worried that Europe will (understandably) retaliate and make things harder for Americans traveling there as well.

        • Ici en Europe, l’année prochaine il y aura des élections: en France, en Allemagne et au Pays-Bas. Qui peut prédire si un nouveau hacker ne va pas laisser filtrer un message compromettant pour tel ou tel candidat ( sous-entendu non favorable à VPoutine). En sécurité informatique, il va falloir embaucher des as du contre- piratage, pour diminuer tout risque de cyberattaque.

        • Je verrais plutôt des sanctions économiques, si Trump prend des mesures protectionnistes, ou pro OGM, vis à vis de l’Europe. Comment évoluera le dollar et l’euro? Un anniversaire de 15ans pour l’euro! Mais l’envolée du dollar ces derniers mois rapproche l’euro de la parité par rapport à la devise américaine. Vive les voyages aux USA et les gains des multinationales de la zone euro!

  6. I agree with you, seeing Richard onstage is unlike any other medium. No wonder he was always smiling and happy. It energized him, and in turn energized me. With that comes the possibility that we will all see less of him than we are used to, if he is able to devote more time to the stage. I can’t imagine him ever giving up tv and films though. It seems actors miss whichever medium they’re not currently working in, not to mention it affords them the luxury of stage work.

  7. Oh man, I so hope his next play is in London and preferably this year! I’m glad Richard is still it for you. 🙂

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