Will Pilgrimage go straight to DVD? #richardarmitage

This might be the best possible solution from the fangirl perspective, frankly. I assume a Swedish DVD is like Swedish TV, i.e., it’s broadcast in English with Swedish subtitles. Everyone could get it more or less simultaneously.


~ by Servetus on December 30, 2016.

28 Responses to “Will Pilgrimage go straight to DVD? #richardarmitage”

  1. So lol, why is Sweden getting a DVD release?


    • No idea, and a lot of the info on imdb is crowd sourced, so who knows how that got there or how accurate it is — but it’s a much more definitive piece of information than we’ve gotten in any press so far.


  2. Man, I don’t care how I see it, I just want to freaking see it already. This and Urban.


  3. huh? Weird. And of course, if it should go straight to DVD, one wonders about the quality of the film… Hm. Still hoping for a theater release in its home country, though…

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  4. A DVD release would be better than nothing. And, in times of monopolistic Marvel shows or animated films to be seen in cinemas, it doesn’t say anything about the quality of the film. The distributors simply see no market opportunity for such stuff anymore sigh


    • Exactly. A lot of films that made it into cinemas in the past – and that were good, too – wouldn’t do so nowadays. More’s the pity. The very fact that they let the Norman French speak French – as opposed to English – would be seen as a problem since a lot of people in the US, for example, don’t like subtitles.

      I’d love to get this on DVD, and I really hope that Urban and Sleepwalker will also get published like that at last.

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      • yes, this was never going to get a major theater release in the US, I fear.


      • I deepened my knowledge in English, with old british war movies, in original version, so why don’t you make the most of the opportunity of this harsh winter, to learn French.


      • One of the most beautiful war films, on mountain resistance, is Norwegian “Ni Liv” by Arne Skouen 1957. I found no French version. But the fascination is there, while there were not many words.


      • Americans think it’s too much effort. I find after the first couple minutes, I’m not even conscious of it, the mind just adapts.


  5. Micra, don’t bother to comment here. You still regularly engage elsewhere in making the sort of statements that got you blocked here. Your comments will not be approved.


  6. I guess my last comment wasn’t clear enough. Here’s another try. GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME.


  7. DVD would be fine with me. Or sailboat projection. LOL


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