Two fanfics I’m really enjoying right now

First, Winter of Discontent (by the author of “Under New Management” writing under a different pseudonym, for anyone who was sad when that one ended). One of the descriptors is “tiny dwarves in peril.” Just the sweetest story ever. It’s tagged with the Bagginshield tag but it has been peripheral to the story until the last installment or two. Perfect for winter reading.

Second, A Thousand Stars I Wear. Right now it’s Fili/Ori and every chapter tears at my heart. You can kind of see future Bagginshield in the story — this is one with infrequent updates, so I don’t know when it will get there. But even incomplete, it’s beautifully written.

Thankfully, Unexpected Music just keeps on ticking. I look forward to it every Saturday. And the Remover of Obstacles sequel, though intermittent, is still wonderful.

~ by Servetus on January 2, 2017.

5 Responses to “Two fanfics I’m really enjoying right now”

  1. I love the Winter story. It is addicting. Even though I am reading it with palm trees out the window, I feel the cold snow and the warm fire in Bag End.


  2. Will have to mark for later. Thanx!


  3. Hello there! Thank you so much for giving ‘Dust in the Road’ a little shout-out, I’m so pleased to hear you’re still enjoying this ‘verse. I’m hoping to get Chapter 5 posted in the next couple of weeks – it’s set in July, 2019, and I’ve had a lot of fun figuring out what everyone has been up to in the interim. A very Happy New Year to you, Servetus, and thanks again for being so supportive of my writing! 🙂

    P.S. I’ve just started reading ‘Unexpected Music’ and I absolutely loved ‘Under New Management’, so I’ll have to check out ‘Winter of Discontent’!


    • You should really like “Winter,” it’s almost therapeutic at points 🙂

      Looking forward to the next chapter of “Dust.”


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