Richard Armitage joins new movie




MILES from MILES Movie on Vimeo.

~ by Servetus on January 5, 2017.

48 Responses to “Richard Armitage joins new movie”

  1. Sounds interesting! According to ‘Variety, ‘ principal photography will begin in late summer for an anticipated 2017 release.

    • Oh, as the Variety article was published in April 2016, I suppose the filming was rescheduled as well as the release date.

  2. Looks interesting. Wonder if he’s the missing researcher …

  3. Interesting… even if its not really my genre. Haven’t watched Robot Films since the japanese anime “Visions of Escaflowne”

  4. Well, just on first impressions, I have to say that the Armitage drive for the broadening of his well-wishers’ horizon certainly continues… at least for me. But heck, I’m willing to give anything a try…

    • Maybe he’s going to push the boundaries and try to play a teenager again?

      At least this should be widely distributed internationally — I’m definitely ready for a project where I am not constantly in discussions about people’s access to the medium.

      • LOL re pushing boundries into teen territory. I would be more excited about this new project if there was not such a backlog of unreleased RA gems. But of course, I will love to see it when (if?) it is available. It looks interesting, like a cross between “Robo Cop” and “On Any Sunday”. That is a compliment.

      • LOL – teenager. Yeah. Or the robot dog? Maybe he can draw on his experience as the red dragon?

    • My first impression was that Armitage tries to play a character in every single film genre. That leaves enough material for many years. If I could make a suggestion, I preferred a western or a justice drama.
      Not sure, if this story with a lot of unknown actors gets an audience.

      • There was supposedly a bidding war for it after the short version. So somebody thinks it will.

        • Maybe we´ll be surprised, some strange movies are unpredictably successful.
          I´m just wondering if it´s not sufficient nowadays to tell a coming-of-age story about motocross teens without a robotic tiger…

      • Yes, he really is going through the genres, that’s what I thought, too. And well done to him. I like that he is pushing his? our? boundaries. I appreciate that he makes me look beyond what I usually am interested in. Sure, I would watch this thing (like I watch all the stuff he is in), but I have my doubts about the reach of this film, too… Just seems very niche-y to me.

  5. So far I’m not enthused. Somehow motocross movies are right up there on my “meh” meter as surfing movies are (I’m looking at you, Gerard Butler). I suppose it pays bills, though.

  6. I could do without the motorcycles but robots are cool!

  7. How nice. Another Indie film. 2 years ago I’d have been excited. Now I fear my biggest excitement comes with announcement of audio narration (or of course live theatre!)

  8. I’m sorry, am I missing something? What is Richard Armitage doing with his career? Is he even trying anymore? Robots and teenagers and moto cross. Sorry, I just don’t know what he would get out of this. I sure hope he isn’t ‘Dad’ again. What happend to interesting movies with interesting characters. Robots and teenagers. Forgive my total negativity, maybe I am in an evil mood or something because Dad in Brain of Fire, Dad in Into the Storm and Dad or whatever his character will be in robots and moto cross is just not what I was expecting of his career after Thorin and The Crucible.

  9. Maybe he’ll mo-cap a robot and we’ll get more Butoh movement.

    • ..yes:) that “tiger” looks familiar

    • 🙂 Yes someone between the Great Red Dragon and the Dragon Smaug.
      Richard said he would have liked to act the part of Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug. BC was surprising in the interpretation in motion capture of the dragon Smaug. RA was a great Red Dragon. And both can output incredible sounds! So why not?
      Furthermore I love scientific movies about prehistory, staging with computers animals’ movements , when only the bones remain.

    • And above all, he will not need to worry about his makeup!

      • 😄…and he will be invisible

        • For sure! In the 1933 movie, the scientist found a way of becoming invisible, but in doing so, he became murderously insane. I do not want the same thing for Mr Armitage.

  10. Ode to No Dads

    No more dad roles please,
    We beg on our knees.
    Fatherhood seems to repeal,
    Lots of RA’s sex appeal.

    Kathy Jones

  11. Mad scientist, white lab coat? Have we had that one? Is it sexy?

  12. Looks interesting.
    Forgive my thickness, but is this new movie a remake of this one from 2014?
    Could RA be playing the robo-cat? We should see some interesting loves then.

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