Top Ten New Year’s resolutions Richard Armitage did not make

If we look at lists of commonly made New Year’s resolutions, Richard Armitage seems to have made, or at least conformed to, many of them toward the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. Things like: spend more time with family, spend less time on Facebook, get a new job, or get some exercise are often on the list and it seems that Armitage went to England for the break (or perhaps longer), signed on to a new project, went skiing and has mostly stayed way from social media.

However, there ARE other resolutions that he might have made but didn’t and I just want to put together this list of things so that he could consider making them next time around.


A slightly older photo, but still good.

10. Stop picking projects of which fans are likely to be suspicious

9. Intervene as a negotiator in the imminent London Underground strike

8. Join Ravelry and post pictures of his Thorin Oakenshield-related knitting projects (as far as we know; maybe he has a pseudonym, though)

7. Stand in the crowd outside St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham in order to celebrate the Queen’s recovery from her cold

6. Take up whistle-blowing (how about some of the future plots of Berlin Station, dude?)

5. Share photos of his beard regrowth on Instagram. Sadly.

4. Hint at future projects by posting images of seventeenth-century Dutch paintings on FB.

3. Live tweet Sherlock. Are you even watching, Richard Armitage? Don’t you care?

2. Party like it’s 1999 with the Obamas

And the number one New Year’s resolution Richard Armitage did not make:

1. Stop deleting tweets

~ by Servetus on January 9, 2017.

13 Responses to “Top Ten New Year’s resolutions Richard Armitage did not make”

  1. LOL gave me a lift for an otherwise dull Monday


  2. Awesome. What tv does he watch anyways? Has he ever said? Tweet deletion – in some ways it’s such a Richard thing – that when he does not delete a tweet, you gotta wonder why!


  3. ….
    5. Sharing photos of the non-growth of a beard on Instagram…. 😉 😀 😛
    You nailed it….. as usual !!! (esp. No. 9 + 10!!)


  4. 4- Something that would make Esther from The Netherlands cry. The Girl with the Pearl Is a film directed by Peter Webber with Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth.


  5. When he’s home, whatever Mum + Dad watch, possibly some of those silly British comedy shows. When he gets to his own flat, Secret Life of Pets, or maybe Moana or Sing, if he can pull some strings for Blurays.
    Turns out, Nos. 1 + 10 may be connected.


  6. And 17th century Dutch paintings would hint at what project? Vermeer is already taken by Colin Firth but I wouldn’t mind seeing Richard filming a project on 17th centruy Dutch paintings right here in The Netherlands… 🙂
    I’m so with ya on resolution no. 1!


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