So most of Richard Armitage’s posts re: Miles are gone

Thanks to piffle for the info.

~ by Servetus on January 10, 2017.

43 Responses to “So most of Richard Armitage’s posts re: Miles are gone”

  1. Oops?

  2. Can’t say I’m heartbroken. Too soon, scheduling conflict with Berlin Station if it would be released in the fall, or hopefully, something better than Miles has come along, with no scheduling conflict. He needs to be careful that he doesn’t get a reputation of pulling out of projects if, in fact this was his choice.

  3. I didn’t have enough information to care either way, but I really wish he would quit doing this. At this point I only want to know about a project if he’s definitely doing it.

    • Yes!

      • I am really tired of … I don’t know. I feel like he makes a pronouncement and then disappears and then fans respond and because he’s completely gone, fans end up shredding each other. That’s not his fault, but there was another episode in the “poor Richard, his fans don’t appreciate him enough, he’s being bullied” skirmishes in the last few days that involved people being nasty too each other. It’s probably inevitable but it’s just too bad that it has to happen over a project that apparently won’t even happen.

        • I so agree with you. I think that I might stop following for a while and see what happens.

        • I think his involvement in social media has hurt his fandom. Your comment above is a perfect example.

          • I think he neglected to consider (or maybe it wouldn’t have been important to him anyway) that we spend most of our time not with him, but with each other and that it would be really nice not to do things that impact on how we interact. Of course, that might imply that he should leave social media entirely.

  4. It could have fallen apart like Midlife Crisis did. At this point I probably wouldn’t say a damn thing until cameras had been rolling in my face for three days.

    • yeah, i assume this isn’t malicious (primarily b/c my tulpa doesn’t have that feature). I just … feel like I didn’t sign up for this level of intimacy with the ups and downs of his career, lol.

  5. Yay! Yay and Yay and Yay!

    • It was YOU. This is all your fault. I hope you’re happy 🙂

      • I do try to stay humble knowing RA listens to my wise counsel and then immediately corrects his questionable career choices. I will now endeavour to advise him regarding his unfortunate tweeting, deleting and premature announcements. (Just kidding!). YES! I am happy happy happy and hope his next project is a great one everyone will like.

      • 😂

  6. maybe Mr. Richard Armitage dropped this project/movie because a family member might be sick and he wants to take care of that person or maybe he wants to do something else (produce or direct movies), maybe he finally decided to take a real vacation.

    • Yup, no way to say at this point anyway until he tells us. However, if he had signed a contract and then reneged out of preference, that could potentially have negative consequences for him.

  7. Another interpretative option: someone else tweeted for him, without his consent. And now he’s put his foot down and is signaling that he doesn’t want to do that project… But yeah, effect remains the same – confusion among the followers.

    • yeah, I was thinking for most of the second half of 2016 that he must be tweeting for himself (after having felt differently earlier) but I suppose it’s not either or. If someone is tweeting that he’s doing projects he doesn’t want to do, he should probably fire that person. I would.

  8. Possibly another project more interesting or conflicting timelines. The contract may be not have been signed by RA. For Miles. He is acting rather erratically at the moment.

    • I guess if he didn’t sign a contract, this behavior would be totally out of character — when I consider that in the past he was unwilling to say even if he was attached to a project (remember “Charlie”) although others would.

  9. Oooohkkkaaay… no Miles then…. this tweeting/deleting thing is all very confusing…

  10. This looks like another independent project with all the problems that involves. Miles should have already finished filming last year, and their twitter page had its last entry in August 2016. Considering that Armitage probably has other obligations, any further delay would make his participation impossible. We’ll probably never know what exactly happened.

    I can’t say I’m interested in watching this film (even if it should get made in the end) if he isn’t in it. I found most of the short film pretty boring, and that’s saying something considering how short it was. Th effects were good, though.

  11. Again, I find this interesting because it gives a glimpse into the conditions under which he works.
    He may have believed this was going to come into fruition, and then – whoops – an opportunity gone. As frustrating as it may be for him and us, I take this type of deletion as a rare opportunity to look into the life and working conditions of an actor.

  12. i agree with Taurus about this short film. I finally watched it a couple of days ago and the effects were good but the rest of it was very boring. I know a lot of people are remaking old/different movies and there are a few that I think that Mr. Richard Armitage would be excellent in, just the other day the movie CLUE starring Tim Curry popped into my head. I think if they remake this movie, Mr. Richard Armitage would be perfect in Tim Curry’s role (the butler). Mr. Richard Armitage has done different types of roles but comedy( little bit of it but not to much-Vicar of Dibley, LLL ). this role would show these people that he is a great actor and can do any character/role that you give him, or what would be really great if somebody turned the movie CLUE into a play and starred Mr. Richard Armitage.

  13. Maybe Mama Armitage should give her boy a bottom smack, ground him for a week and let him write ‘I won’t tweet and delete anymore!’ 10000 times… 😉

  14. I really, really wonder whether he’s aware of how much hubbub he instigates with his deletions (which actually quite often don’t bother me that much.)
    Although this announcement of a job had a particularly short validity period!! Weird thing!

    • I don’t care if it’s career stuff or jokes, but it bugs me if it’s a political statement or something important. Also, I hate having the feeling that to know what’s going on I need to be on the computer all the time.

      In terms of my relationship to his fandom, I hate observing the consequences, but that’s about my relationship to the fandom, not his fault.

  15. Yeah, you’re right about deleting political statements or something important, which def is not a funny thing.
    To me he now appears to be in a kind of muted and frustrated state about the political ongoings, realising “it” is not going to vanish in thin air….. (what we actually all do now, more or less…) and tweeting about this misery is easily a bit trivial. All this makes you (and Richie?) feel so powerless.
    It’s only yesterday that I realised I loved to read ‘The Guardian’ for years, but now whenever I open the site there are unbelievably awful and horrible daily news, and never before read political statements by politicians from England and America alike (and then of course there is Europe with it’s multiple problems, and the rest of the peaceful world as well!! 😦 ) Reading now makes me sooooooo miserable, depressed, and ill-humoured!!! I reallly can’t stand it at the moment!! Especially my self-adopted ‘Lieblingsland’ England for me is hard to recognise and understand these months, and it seems like it’s getting worse every day…
    Really hope The Man is fine and enjoying life again without a personal driver and maybe (if need be!) getting grounded again.
    Another worthwile project for him to do in the time between: digging out all those finished films featuring HIM that are stagnating in any drawers……

    • The news is indescribable.

      There’s definitely a lot to do still even without Richie tweets. I’m looking forward to it!

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