Richard Armitage degrees of separation

I’m watching Victoria on Masterpiece. So far, so good. Lots of familiar faces:

Adrian Schiller as Penge

Adrian Schiller as Penge.

Schiller played Reverend Hale in The CrucibleI really loved that performance.


Paul Rhys as Lord John Conroy.

Paul Rhys as Lord John Conroy.

Rhys played Alexis Meinel (a George Soros-like figure who’s trying to speculate against the British exchequer) in Spooks 7.5.

Peter Firth as the Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale (King Ernst August I of Hanover).

Peter Firth as the Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale (King Ernst Augustus of Hanover — wild. I used to eat lunch at the Mensa on the Platz der Göttinger Sieben every day).

Firth is really excellent, too, in this role. He played Harry in Spooks.

~ by Servetus on January 16, 2017.

13 Responses to “Richard Armitage degrees of separation”

  1. i thought some of the actors looked familiar, but i couldn’t place them.


  2. I loved Victoria. Rupert Sewell (Melbourne) is another crush of mine. He’s onstage at the Old Vic at the moment in ‘Art’ and I’m grinding my teeth because I can’t get down to London to see it.


  3. It would be interesting to do a flow chart of all the actor connection via Richard Armitage – I think it would be pretty big.


  4. I had noticed 2 of 3 but hadn’t connected Rhys, so thanks for that. Meanwhile, I pulled up IMDB while watching and learned that another Crucible cast member, Samantha Colley, will turn up in a few later episodes. The British acting world sure is small (of course, Victoria came on right after Sherlock, with its own RA connections)! Despite some nice performances, incl by these 3 actors, I thought the first episode was OK but not great – they sure take a lot of historical liberties, treating as true things widely considered false rumor, like the Victoria-Melbourne flirtation and Cumberland’s machinations. I also couldn’t help comparing it, sometimes unfavorably, with the well-done The Young Victoria (cinematographer: Hagen Bogdanski!).


    • Colley: cool! I look forward to seeing her again. Don’t watch Sherlock myself, though (although I did see the first series at some point). I assume the reason they include these matters is that whether or not they were true, they were considered true at the time, i.e., a rumor doesn’t need to be true to influence politics. Haven’t seen the other film, either, so can’t say.


  5. I enjoyed this episode, couldn’t believe I was actually paying attention at the right time, just as the series is starting 😀 I look forward to watching the rest! Especially enjoyed seeing Peter Firth as I just loved him as Harry, really fun to see him doing such a different part ☺


  6. Wow! I didn’t recognize Peter Firth at all and I am in the midst of a re-watch of Spooks! Must be the hair do…


    • He’s a skilled actor with a whole life outside of Spooks, including an Academy Award nom. Just not one of those people who’s usually the leading man.


  7. Yes HAPPY with this new english period drama, with history that we do not learn in my country.


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