What is your favorite Richard Armitage funny moment?

Because we’re all going to need a lot of laughs to survive the next four years. Start at about 1:30.

What are your favorite Richard Armitage silly moments?

~ by Servetus on January 20, 2017.

26 Responses to “What is your favorite Richard Armitage funny moment?”

  1. Hard to narrow it down, there have been so many. I may have to keep adding through the terrible, horrible, awful day. I quite like when he did a side jump shuffle, and said “Did someone say Guy of Gisborne?” Another is BTS Hobbit talking about Mirkwood. “I imagine it’s quite like what it feels like to be stoned.” Looks up with sly smile, “I imagine.” Another Hobbit is when he’s explaining there are only three dwarf women left with which to repopulate. He slaps Tammy on the prosthetic bum, and lets out the most wonderful, head back, full, deep, rolling laugh. So many Hobbit promo moments, where they played off each other.

  2. I think one of his funny moment is in serie Monet, behind the scenes. Some coleage actor say something funny and RCA cannot stop laughing, say stop, stop please and burst out in laugh. I have seen it many times and always laugh in this moment myself.

  3. Hard pressed between various Hobbit promo occasions: There is the little appearance in Waterstone’s in London where Armitage makes a reference to exercising his right arm a lot – which he immediately and naughtily retracts. In a similar vein, he had joked about “naming his weapon” in an interview the previous year (particularly funny moment because he breaks into giggles himself.) Finally there is the Australian Popcorn Taxi interview and particularly the moment where he reacts to the question, who would win in a cage fight between Thorin and Dwalin. So yeah, I guess I like the naughty stuff best…

  4. I love the 60 Seconds clip of Martin Freeman interviewing Richard Armitage. All of it. His attempt at a joke with, “A blond walks into a bar. You’d’ve thought she’d’ve seen it.” And the fact that he was still anti-Twitter in this clip! And the “little bit of a hair thing” he had going on with his horse.

  5. Forgot to mention another funny interview, although it became somewhat controversial. The one (in two parts) with MB presenting him with the prestigious Anglophile Channel award. Not the one in the hotel coffee shop where he is drinking tea.

  6. I like so many of them ! 😀
    For some reason I enjoy this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtcZCyAz7x8 and Go POP from Australia 😉

  7. Lots of funny moments to choose from. One of my favourites is when he throws a fish into another dwarf’s barrel between shots. He looks so cute, a kind of big hairy kid.

  8. Difficult question but definitely the interview during the Hobbit press tour about Thorins big sword and the Spooks interview when he misheard the journalist asking about “Ros, the ice cream”

  9. Abweichend vom Thema muss ich kurz zum Ausdruck bringen, dass RA (in deinem Beispiel Servetus) mit diesen langen Haaren absolut umwerfend aussieht. Himmel, mir war gar nicht klar, dass er zu dieser Zeit derart schön war. (Ja, ja, er sieht natürlich immer gut aus, aber das ist erstaunlicherweise sogar noch steigerbar.)
    Für die kommenden vier Jahre wünsche ich dir nur das Beste und hoffe, dass du deinen Humor nicht verlierst. 😉

  10. on the same day at Wondercon. Max is summarizing his character, when Richard says, “he puts himself in danger to get laid. that’s the essential heart and soul of our story”.

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  12. Definitely the Max 60 Second vid, where he’s at his most relaxed. It makes me laugh out loud whenever I watch it and he’s obviously having a lot of fun with naughty Martin Freeman. I love the way he starts giggling when talking about handling fake weapons, even though he’s trying to be on his best behaviour, which isn’t very easy with MF around!

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  14. I would definitely say one of my favorites is the one of the 3 hobbit women and the re-population. After he smacks Tammy on her “hobbit butt” His laugh is so baritone deep and just curls your toes. And like most of us I love him when he digs himself into his naughty mode with his “shy” laugh or face. he does it so well 🙂

  15. Definitely him with Tammy, but also 60 sec video and other Hobbit BTS times

  16. Das war ein richtig gutes Interview – lol, danke für´s erinnern –
    my underpants 🙂

  17. I loved reading all these. I wanted to do a separate post with some of them, but the weekend’s events sort of robbed me of that energy. But I laughed so much. Thank you for sharing that energy with me!

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