Newly resurfaced photo of Richard Armitage, apparently from Pen Style shoot



This is the one we’re familiar with.


~ by Servetus on January 21, 2017.

21 Responses to “Newly resurfaced photo of Richard Armitage, apparently from Pen Style shoot”

  1. He has the appearance of evil, vicious or devious. He could easily play a mastermind villain, and he is such a nice guy.


  2. the top picture of Mr. Richard Armitage looks to me like a drug kingpin trying out for a 1970’s porn film. That second picture that he is in, very sexy and love the devilish look that he is giving.


    • PEN is a Japanese menswear magazine. He (and maybe some other members of the Macbeth cast?) apparently were in a fashion shoot when Macbeth toured Japan.


  3. He certainly had his smoulder nailed early on! 😉


  4. Interesting mixture of shy and threatening…


  5. Very ominous. Why? He’s got such a lovely smile.


  6. Thanks for this gem! I love these photos – very threatening, dark, sexy… The first animal I think of in these is a wolf.


  7. Mmm😍that look! copyright by Lauren Bacall?😉


  8. The second pic is really fascinating 🙂


  9. I like the second one much more than the first. I think the camera angle on that one makes his face much fuller and it doesn’t really look like him. You have to look at the eyes to know.


  10. Elfin ears, luscious curls, smouldering gaze!!!! What more do we need?? (ok, the beard…. that’s more for you!! 😉 ) Determined young man he was!


  11. He once made the comment of how his features lend themselves to being the “bad guy” and he is right he has all the qualities of darkness, which is perfect for those roles. I love these photos so dark and smoldering and black and white enhance it more.


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