Where Richard Armitage was today

I was wondering …


~ by Servetus on January 22, 2017.

29 Responses to “Where Richard Armitage was today”

  1. Good.

  2. Will he keep it up?

    • Thanks for the comment and welcome. No idea. (No idea if there will be more mass rallies like this one, no idea if he will be in range of them if there are … actually, the list of questions I’d have is endless.)

      • Good to hear this thanks Serv. I didn’t march as I have a mobility problem but my thoughts were with all marchers. Also I did not watch the charade of the Inauguration.


        • I think there were a lot of people in your situation — there will be plenty of protesting left to do in the coming months and years.

  3. Good for him!

    • I gave him a sort of 80 percent chance of being here but a 30 percent chance of saying he’d been there, so I am pleased as well.

  4. This had to have been so much more than the organizers could have hoped for. To draw so many here, and to have spread around the world as well, is amazing and encouraging. Glad he took part. Really glad we haven’t seen evidence of being caught by intrusive phones.

  5. 🙂

  6. Good that he did this, and even better that he publicly said so. This won’t make him popular with some, but I appreciate that he stands behind what he believes in.

    • I am glad he did it, too. More than glad. And about that popular thing, there is one woman on facebook page, where I am a member, calling him empty -headed actor because of it, saying she lost all respect for him. It’s mind blowing that fighting for human rights one can be labeled with such a term. I guess she calls empty-headed all those who don’t like Trump. I wonder what that makes her then? But I was pleasantly surprised it did not cause too much arguing in the fandom, at least not in groups where I am in.

      • There’s a group of people in the pro-Trump camp who have been socialized just to repeat the same things over and over again — I find myself get upset the first time, angry the second time, and then I sto listening. And yeah, I agree that defense of Trump is certainly an indication of what sort of person one is dealing with.

    • I get the impression in the meantime that the fandom, at least, is calming down on this issue — either the conservatives and the Trump segment (not necessarily the same people) have accepted that he’s a center-left kind of guy, or they have just stopped commenting on it and/or decided to ignore it. There are a few diehards, and a few trolls showed up on twitter, but it’s stopped being the big issue it was last year. However, this wasn’t an actual “event” in the sense of an election, so perhaps if he comments on that kind of thing again there will be more opposition.

  7. I can’t think of a better reason for his Twitter a/c to spring back into life than by acknowledging that he was in NY at the march. ♥

  8. Hoffentlich, hoffentlich bleibt er dabei. In diesen Zeiten…

    • It’s one of my concrete worries about yesterday, frankly. It was a photo opportunity for a lot of people. But when push comes to shove, what will they do?

      • Hier müssen wir alle Rückgrat beweisen, da wo wir sind und da wo es nötig wird. Ich hoffe sehr, dass RA das auch tun wird. In diesen Zeiten wird auch das Private wieder politisch. Ich merke das auch hier bei uns in den täglichen Diskussionen mit Familie, Freunden und Kollegen.
        Wie geht es dir? Es ist gerade nicht einfach und ich schicke dir eine Portion Zuversicht über das weite Meer. 🙂

        • Thanks for the good wishes. It was a rough weekend around here, and the announcement of a federal hiring freeze has not helped my mood. Oh well, who wants to work for the federal government anyway. LOL.

  9. Nice to know. Good for him. London was pretty good too, very good vibe with different people from all walks of life. Inspiring.
    With the far-right meeting in Koblenz to get into election mode, it’s time to show some solidarity across the world… This will be another important year for Europe’s political environment.

  10. It doesn’t make any difference to me if he is marching with the crowd or not, for me it is good to hear he is showing solidarity.

    • yes — he certainly could have simply posted in solidarity, as well (if he’d had to work, for example)

  11. I’ve been so happy about this massive worldwide turnout.
    Truly chuffed Richard marched and acknowleged his commitment on Twitter; good man! ❤

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