This lamington is from Brisbane


Ahoy, Australia, from the U.S. I thought about posting the lamb advert, but decided for this instead.

~ by Servetus on January 25, 2017.

19 Responses to “This lamington is from Brisbane”

  1. Are you moving to Australia? 😊 Looks delicious!

    • no, it’s Australia Day. Although thanks for the laugh, I hadn’t thought about Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day in quite a while 🙂

  2. waves hello from Australia

  3. I’m just grateful you didn’t choose Vegemite ice cream. Or Vegemite anything for that matter.

    • That’s a thing?

      • I’m a Vegemite girl, love it on my toast for breakfast. Other spreads just don’t cut it lol, and I miss it when I’m on holidays overseas. 🙂

        • is it good on / in ice cream?

          Vegemite always makes me think of Men at Work and “I come from a land down under,” which was on the oldies station here several times today 🙂

          • I think you have to be a born Australian ( rather than a ring in like me) to like Vegemite. I’m a marmite girl myself.

            But even a bone fide Aussie like Mezz might baulk at Vegemite ice cream!

            • Just plain Vegemite for me thankyou. I definitely baulk at having it in icecream! I think there was Vegemite flavoured chocolate at one time – yuk. I thought you might be a Marmite girl Bolly!

        • Is it an acquired taste Mezz? I only tried it once!

          • My siblings and I were introduced to it early on in childhood, as was my son, that’s the key I think! Otherwise, just a little scrape is all that’s required for starters. Too much and it would be totally off putting. 😉

    • I’m SO with you there! Sorry! Not my favourite thing! 😦

  4. As much as I love vegemite, and I do, I’ll take the lamington any day, especially with cream! :o)

  5. The Lamington looks delicious! Anyone willing to share a good recipe for it? 🙂

    • Sure. It’s essentially a butter cake, cut into squares, covered in chocolate icing and dipped in coconut. Very simple. DO NOT fall for the “add a layer of jam” rubbish – the best lamingtons are the simple originals, first improvised by the cook to Queensland’s Governor when an unexpected visitor arrived for tea and all she had was stale cake. Many recipes suggest using sponge cake but it tends to crumble too easily when you’re trying to coat it. If you want to use sponge, I find day-old sponge helps keep the form once you’ve added the coatings – but no older than that, you want the inside still light, fluffy and fresh. This linked recipe is closest to the way my grandmother made them. If you’re in a hurry, it’s perfectly ok to use a good store-bought sponge, but butter cake is tastier and firmer. It’s the quality and freshness of the chocolate icing that seems to make the difference. Try it – simple and delicious!

  6. Toutes mes pensées pour les victimes du crash aérien.

  7. Thanks to everyone for the Australia color — I loved reading it (even if my mood has been in the cellar lately).

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