Richard Armitage / Digital Theatre’s The Crucible made available to U.S. cinemas

Theoretically anyway, although I haven’t found any record that it is actually being screened here, yet. Stay tuned.


~ by Servetus on January 26, 2017.

7 Responses to “Richard Armitage / Digital Theatre’s The Crucible made available to U.S. cinemas”

  1. Now if only they would bring it to Canada too – or is that too much to ask for?


    • May I just add; the whole world needs to see this!!!


      • I agree with you.
        697 kilomètres (433 miles) est la distance que j’ai parcourue pour assister à une séance de cinéma du “Crucible”. Vive le TGV et vive le quatrième art.


        • If you don’t know yet, you can watch it online on the Digital Theatre website.


          • yes, we know, thanks. The point was seeing it on the big screen, which hasn’t been possible in the US.


          • J’ai visionné “le Crucible”, hier soir à l’ordinateur. Je voulais me souvenir de ce que Arthur Miller voulait dénoncer à cette époque et que nous pouvons dénoncer maintenant à nouveau.
            Yesterday evening, I watched “ the Crucible”on screen, with the computer. I wanted to remember what Arthur Miller wanted to condemn even back then and that we are denouncing now again.


            • I feel like I almost have it memorized after watching it the whole time Armitage was doing Hannibal, but it’s probably time for a rewatch.


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