This is gonna be lame

but I gotta write something or I risk suffocating among my negative feelings.

I apologize for not answering any comments in the last couple of days. I will get on it. I will answer private messages, too.

I got stuff about Richard Armitage; I will write that, too.

Not that I’m doing nothing; I had a lunch out with my mother’s cousins that would be worth a blog post; I pitched a bunch of stuff (that I hope dad will never even notice is gone); I had another job interview; I went to another jobseekers’ event; I did a bunch of laundry; I had a conversation with an academic advisor at a law school; I went to a basketball game; I spent a morning coaching a student through a grad school application.

And still, I’m glued to the news. A FB friend said to me today, you should run a regular newsfeed, your FB updates are so relevant.

I think I’ve realized now that I cannot follow everything that’s happening even though I’d like to. In order to lead a manageable life (and last for four years) I’ve got to focus on one thing. In general that would fit better with my personality anyway; I don’t have the emotional makeup to be a real activist (too much thinking, too much emotion). I’ve got it down to three things that I’d consider focusing on as a sole priority: (a) press freedoms; (b) minority rights / protections; and (c) refugees / immigration. Women’s issues are out because the movement is way too fragmented at the moment. Gun violence is out because I can’t live in this house and think about that all the time. And I’m torn because I actually think the issue that beats all the others at the moment for long-term significance is the environment; it is also a point at which a great deal more agreement is already in place than any of the others.

However. Why get us into a pissing match with México? What. is. the. point????

So, yeah, since I can’t emigrate, it might be immigration.

Anyway, that was incoherent. I have to keep writing. Hopefully I’ll get back to normal soon. I appreciate your good thoughts.

~ by Servetus on January 27, 2017.

18 Responses to “This is gonna be lame”

  1. It’s not lame.


  2. I share some of your sentiments. There are just too many things to be outraged about right now.


  3. Hang in there. It’s hard being bombarded with so much negative information.


    • Yeah, I had to turn off my real newsfeed just now after seeing some comments from a Chinese general about the status of the peace between the US and China. I can’t even.


  4. I felt really silly yesterday when our media vented about torture I wanted to shout that waterboarding was unacceptable because Richard Armitage said so , my husband would have laughed his socks off.
    Theresa May is seeing the President today our radio reported that he had reinstated the bust of Winston Churchill apparently Obama had it removed from White House.


  5. Not to ” risk suffocating among your negative feelings”, you can read ZooKeys Journal. I hope you will suffocate with laughs.
    Je site l’article français qui, étonnement, reprend plusieurs de vos préoccupations actuelles (les propos ne sont donc pas les miens):
    Neopalpa donaldtrumpi est une nouvelle espèce de Gelechiidae. Ce petit insecte, qui mesure un centimètre seulement, a été identifié par le biologiste Vazrick Nazari, spécialiste des lépidoptères. Il a été baptisé ainsi, car le tissu jaunâtre soyeux que ces animaux adultes possèdent au sommet du crâne, rappelle singulièrement la tignasse du président élu. Quant à la chenille du lépidoptère, elle présente la même coupe de cheveux que le président élu. (Je n’exposerai pas les détails sur les caractéristiques sexuelles de l’insecte).
    Ce lépidoptère est originaire d’Amérique du Nord, plus précisément de Californie et du nord du Mexique (le mur proposé par Trump n’empêchera pas la migration des papillons).
    ” La découverte de ce micro-lépidoptère en Californie méridionale, une zone densément peuplée et plutôt bien couverte par les entomologistes, souligne l’importance de la conservation des habitats fragiles. Ils contiennent des espèces menacées que nous n’avons encore ni décrits, ni répertoriés. En nommant cette espèce d’après le 45e président des États-Unis, j’espère attirer l’attention et l’intérêt du public sur l’importance de la taxonomie ; la microfaune est encore une partie extrêmement négligée de la biodiversité nord-américaine”, conclut Nazari.
    Sachant que le Parti Républicain se prépare déjà à se débarrasser de la loi sur les espèces en voie de disparition de 1973, que l’on considérait déjà comme peu efficace au sein des professionnels de la conservation, le message de Nazari est essentiel.
    Neuf animaux ont été nommés d’après Barack Obama, dont un lézard aujourd’hui éteint, un oiseau chanteur amazonien, et un poisson hawaïen.
    Hope you would have as much fun as I did when I saw that insect. Radagast!


  6. J’ajoute pour B Obama: un parasite, une mygale fouisseuse, une abeille cubaine.


  7. Etheostoma obama, Aptostichus barackobamai, Tosanoides obama, Obamadon gracilis, Caloplaca obamae, Teleogramma obamaorum, Nystalus obamai, Paragordius obamai, Baracktrema obamai.
    Sans liaison voulue avec un ancien président de la République Française, il y a le Sarcosuchus Imperator. Mais au MET de New York, il n’y a aucune représentation de ce saurien, prédateur géant de la préhistoire, originaire du désert du Ténéré Sahara Niger. Un énorme crâne fossile reconstitué est dans la galerie de paléontologie du Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle de Paris. son surnom est Supercroc.


  8. Well even your “lameness” is well-written.

    You may not consider yourself a “real activist” but your skill in collecting information is just as vital in our age of misinformation.

    Keep posting, we’ll keep reading.


  9. I’m wth you on feeling overwhelmed…


    • Geert f-ing Wilders was on our local Fox affiliate news tonight. As an example of how the Trump movement is spreading and quoted in approving terms. Puke.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Asshat Wilders has been campaigning like this for years and now with Trump as president he is more emboldened than ever! And the terrifying thing is how much support he gets. I’m feeling very sick to the stomach…


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