Berlin Station ICYMIs

These have been hanging around my inbox for a while. First, Olen Steinhauer on a book he wrote and shelved in part because he was busy writing Berlin Station. Honestly, Mr. Steinhauer, I doubt anyone is paying quite that much attention to you. And then some news about the ownership of EPIX: Lionsgate is going to sell its piece out to concentrate on its relationship with (newly purchased) Starz. EPIX is described as “throwing off cash.”

~ by Servetus on January 29, 2017.

6 Responses to “Berlin Station ICYMIs”

  1. The poor stepchild?


  2. It’s interesting, though, about writing a potentially timely book that a short while later is no longer relevant.


    • I was at the movies today and saw “Hidden Figures” and I had this weird feeling of dislocation — the politics of the movie wouldn’t have seemed like anything special ten days ago but today I found myself wondering if that phase of US history is over.


  3. […] six weeks ago, I mentioned the news that Lionsgate wanted to sell its share of EPIX. Tonight comes the news that MGM is in talks to buy out all of EPIX, thus purchasing Viacom’s […]


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