Richard Armitage tweets his immigration status

and the link to the Christmas message is gone. [eta: and the march tweet?]

screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-8-20-09-pm[I also deleted the second tweet, too. I’ve thought about it and I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize the situation of an immigrant. If you want to know what it said send me a private message using the sidebar.]

~ by Servetus on January 29, 2017.

35 Responses to “Richard Armitage tweets his immigration status”

  1. I actually liked it and responded to it. Couldn’t help myself.

    • I’m kind of shocked, frankly. And not in a bad way.

      • I think this tweet has gone but I am with him all the way. What is happening to this wonderful country

      • I was waiting for him to say something. I was expecting it. He didn’t disappoint. He probably thought long and hard before committing himself to sending it out there. I’m glad he took a stand.

  2. It’s gone. I had it for a minute.

    • maybe I should delete it, too. I hate destroying the historical record but it could potentially jeopardize his future immigration status, I suppose, depending on what happens next. sigh.

      • I reposted yours. I guess we could delete or xxx out the account name ( seems silly, that). I have to say I also worried whether he thought better of his comment because there are no fucking rules right now. I worried about this once before – that the Trump personality could focus on him – or anyone who speaks out, and it could be a problem down the road or immediately.

        • I’d like to think that wouldn’t be an obstacle to a citizenship application (and I also have the feeling that after this he probably isn’t interested), but I’m not sure, so I did delete the part that he also deleted.

          • I never thought he was interested in citizenship, but would want to be able to go in and out freely, and work. I haven’t checked, but I am guessing he can have minimal contacts with US to retain the PRA STATUS.

            • Assuming persistence / enforcement of the status quo.

              • Yes. Also, I am assuming to remain a permanent resident alien, one must maintain residency – for whatever that means. I know for state tax and other purposes, presence is required usually one day more than half a year. I guess I should at least check and report back.

  3. And … he removes the second tweet.

  4. Two new tweets.

    And twenty minutes ago a judged stayed the executive order and granted the plaintiffs class status.

    • Does this mean people can now enter from the banned countries?

      • theoretically, anyway.

        There are protests going on right now at least major airports, too. Tomorrow morning is going to be very interesting.

      • OK, the stay only prevents the deportation of the people who actually made it to the US; it doesn’t apply to people still trying to enter.

        • I don’t think they were part of the class in this particular emergency TRO/preliminary injunction application. (temporary restraining order). The standard for a TRO is irreparable injury, and I think it is the detention that the lawyers focused on and failure of procedural due process. I would expect more litigation, or this case to enlarge and there to be challenge to the whole Executive Order at some point. Some plaintiff outside the US right now. I’s like to read the papers for myself.

        • I just read the decision. The stay prevents the removal (deportation), and from the bench I think the judge made it clear there should not be detention, BUT, it doesn’t go as far as allowing them to enter the U.S either. The two named Plaintiffs are being allowed in because they were cleared under a “case by case” basis policy dealing with locals who helped the US.

          • G-d, they’ll get stuck in the airport.

            • Several other courts issued orders – some also enjoining detention – but I can’t find anything so far that actually admits them into the contry;however, since I have not read that multitudes are still in the airport, I don’t know. Also read some US agents were ignoring the orders – but that was 11 hours ago.

            • Lose or abandon your status.
              There are several ways that you can lose your status as a lawful permanent resident.

              Conditional Permanent Resident Status

              Section 216 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides for you to become a lawful permanent resident on a conditional basis, based on marriage.

              Section 216A provides for you to become a lawful permanent resident on a conditional basis, based on a qualifying investment.

              Both sections allow USCIS to terminate your conditional status as provided by the law (in the event of fraud, for example).

              You may be able to seek review of the termination of your status in a removal proceeding before an immigration judge.

              Removal Proceedings

              You will lose your permanent resident status if an immigration judge issues a final removal order against you.

              INA sections 212 and 237 describe the grounds on which you may be ordered removed from the United States.

              Abandoning Permanent Resident Status

              You may also lose your permanent resident status by intentionally abandoning it. You may be found to have abandoned your status if you:

              Move to another country, intending to live there permanently.
              Remain outside of the United States for an extended period of time, unless you intended this to be a temporary absence, as shown by:
              The reason for your trip;
              How long you intended to be absent from the United States;
              Any other circumstances of your absence; and
              Any events that may have prolonged your absence.
              Note: Obtaining a re-entry permit from USCIS before you leave, or a returning resident visa (SB-1) from a U.S. consulate while abroad, may assist you in showing that you intended only a temporary absence.
              Fail to file income tax returns while living outside of the United States for any period.
              Declare yourself a “nonimmigrant” on your U.S. tax returns.

    • I didn’t see that!

  5. […] Here is a screenshot preserved from Me and Richard […]

  6. Woke up to his tweets, was so happy. Half-expected him to delete that second one, heh. Glad he left the other one up!

  7. I didn’t see the tweet and I understand why he would delete it but disappointed nevertheless. He might worry about his work visa but the people currently being deported are facing persecution and possible death in their countries of origin.

    Sometimes good people need to make a stand.

    • it really is life and death and the reasons are not always completely obvious. A woman being deported to Chile (on Thursday, before this order) tried to kill herself by taking sleeping pills at JFK rather than go back.

  8. I know dozens of brilliant Iranians in high tech, and a few have already been directly affected by this ban. But even for foreign nationals who are from countries that are not on this list, the capriciousness of the ban is a signal to all that they can’t count on always being welcome in the US. It is no wonder the tech leaders are denouncing this executive order and thousands of academics (including me) signed a letter denouncing it. Technology in the US would be nowhere without the talents of foreign nationals and interactions with the international community.

    • yeah, do NOT get me started on Iranians. Iranians are not the source of any problem the US may or may not be having with terrorism. I have two close Iranian-American friends (one born here, one who came in 1979) and what their families are going through right now is beyond all reason.

      And I feel like your second point is generally relevant to all of Trump’s administration — don’t count on the U.S. Not as an ally, not as a refuge, not as a business partner.

      Finally: when I used to have to lecture on globalization, international science was on the list of factors why globalizaiton is not going anywhere.

  9. Si dans les pays GB, USA les dés sont jetés, ici en Europe nous sommes encore en campagne électorale. Les enjeux sont énormes, les résultats incertains, les statistiques non sures, les scandales à craindre. Les spectres du Brexit et de Donald Trump sont à l’horizon, pour certains comme modèles à suivre, pour d’autres comme repoussoirs à éviter. Les médias nous abreuvent de documentaires, de films historiques, commémoratifs des excès des régimes extrémistes: – fuite des réfugiés (boat people en Asie, en méditerranée, camps de réfugiés aux frontières au Moyen-Orient ou en Afrique, juifs fuyant les nazis…) ou – libération des camps de concentration et d’extermination par les alliés, …). L’ambiance est lourde, on frôle la saturation, la manipulation intellectuelle.
    Heureusement, pour l’instant les émissions et les débats politiques sont souvent de très grande qualité, pas de politique spectacle de type Hollywood.
    Par contre ici, la liberté de parole existe encore. La peur d’afficher ses opinions est juste celle de craindre de contrarier son interlocuteur, pas celle de craindre d’éventuelles futures représailles. Les scientifiques aux USA entrent en résistance. Ils protègent leurs données dans des sites fermés, ils développent des alternatives de communications par l’intermédiaire de médias non officiels. Ils craignent l’arrêt de financement des recherches contrariantes pour le nouveau gouvernement (climat, pollution, protection de la nature, santé,…). Ils marquent leur opposition en prévoyant des manifestations, des articles humoristiques,… Ce n’est pas de l’activisme, mais de l’instinct de survie en milieu hostile.
    J’espère que nous n’en arriverons pas là. Il faut offrir de l’espoir à nos enfants.

    • Tu penses que Le Pen pourrait gagner l’election en France? Quelle sont ses chances? (Scénarios effrayants)

      • Une pensée pour deux mamies perdues. Deux anecdotes véridiques. – Une qui me demandait, à la primaire de la dernière présidentielle pour qui voter. Les médias la perturbait, je lui ai dit de suivre son coeur. -Une autre qui, en service de garde, par un matin glacial, m’interrogeait s’il fallait en premier nourrir ses poules ou prendre ses médicaments. Je lui ai dis de s’habiller avant de sortir.
        Vous voyez, je ne réponds pas, CAR JE NE SAIS PAS. Mais je continuerai à rester me battre pour ces personnes.
        Notre démocratie montre ses limites. Il y a les scandales financiers honteux, la fracture sociale entre les nantis de plus en plus riches et les pauvres de plus en plus démunis, entre les campagnes, les montagnes désertIfiées, les banlieues ghetto, les territoires désindustrialisés abandonnés, alors que d’autres régions prospèrent. Je pourrais parler de la fracture numérique.; de l’arrêt de l’ascenceur social par les études (sujet de LLL). Certains ne trouvent plus leur place, sont perdus devant les changements. Ce sont des jeunes, des anciens, des accidentés de la vie, je les entends tous les jours. Alors il y a la montée du mécontentement, la recherche de boucs émissaires avec de l’intolérance, du racisme, du repli sur soi. La famille Le Pen y trouve un terrain favorable.
        Beaucoup ne vont plus voter, car désoeuvrés, mais malgré eux ils font le jeu des extrémistes, dont les voix ont alors plus de portée. C’est mathématique.
        Je n’ai connu que ce régime. C’est vrai que j’y vis correctement. Mais j’y tiens car les acquis de la démocratie ont été durs à obtenir par nos ancêtres. Les valeurs symboles de ce que représente la France doivent être défendues.
        Pour contrarier la montée de l’extrême droite, il faut communiquer sur la nécessité d’aller voter et de garder un contact avec ceux qui se laissent influencer par ces idées haineuses, par le vote protestataire. J’ai vécu le vote Chirac/ Le Pen et ne veux plus revivre un 2° tour de ce type.

        • Oui et merci. Il y a une multitude de problemes en France, en Allemagne et autres nations. On ne sait jamais ce qui va se passer et on espére que cela ira, un meilleur compromis en ce qui concerne le gouvernement peut-être (ma préférence sans l’extrême droite)

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