here’s a picture of Richard Armitage


~ by Servetus on January 31, 2017.

22 Responses to “here’s a picture of Richard Armitage”

  1. Lol. That was so random!


  2. So peaceful sigh 😬


  3. Aw did he fall asleep on your sofa again? 🙂


  4. Nice.


  5. I seen this picture and I didn’t scroll down to see what show/movie it was from, so I thought it was a old/ new picture that Mr. Richard Armitage did/was making. ( I didn’t know that was his arm), the way his arm is positioned, it looks like it is coming from underneath the bed and is ready to grab Mr. Richard Armitage and you see Mr. Richard Armitage’s face and neck (especially the neck) get tense, like he knows that something/someone is there. I finally scrolled down the picture and seen it was from his show Strike Back ( John Porter) and that it was his arm.


  6. The sleeping knight⚔️


  7. Visual blood pressure pill.


  8. Goes well with all the kitty photos I’ve been drowning myself in while the world turns shittier!

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  9. Sending you a big hug! You are not alone! We’ll all make it through this


  10. This is the scene where Porter is asleep in bed and he starts haveing sexy dreams of Danni and is suddenly awaken by the noise of the other prisoners trying to rape a young black man and he goes into action. Gotta love the man.


    • I watched that sexy dream on infinite loop when I first saw this episode … aaaah.


      • Sure needed this as the world goes crazy around us – so thank you! I have often wished that he is dreaming of something that actually happened, not just his wishful thinking. 😉


  11. Porter always makes me feel better! Thanks for this. Although it’s almost not enough to drown out the dreadful things that seem to be happening every day.


  12. Random Armitage/Porter photo – Thanks so much for some lightness.


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