A further picture of Richard Armitage


~ by Servetus on February 1, 2017.

18 Responses to “A further picture of Richard Armitage”

  1. That look!! melts


  2. You are spoiling us today!


  3. Ahh. I do love the pictures from Crucible rehearsals. The beard… the bulkier frame…


    • I’d been so focused on the “thin” Armitage this fall (BSt and LLL) that looking at these pictures is getting me very nostalgic for his wider, bulkier look.

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  4. love how Mr. Richard Armitage is giving a “Don’t F–k With Me” attitude with his body and especially his eyes. Also, Mr. Richard Armitage reminds me of a lion who sees his prey and is ready to attack.


  5. Looove the greyish shirt. One of my alltime favourite. Underarm porn 😎


  6. Very attractive, very intense. I definitely liked him a bit bulkier like this. Thanks!


  7. Intensity! Sigh….


  8. I like the biceps in this one. And the grey shirt bringing out the grey eyes. And the intense stare, And ….. everything.


  9. Oh, diese Augen! Er schaut so entschlossen – die Welt kann sich auf etwas gefasst machen…
    Danke! Die Bilder von Herrn A tun mir gut und dieses gefällt mir ganz besonders. Zur Zeit kann man jede Aufmunterung gut gebrauchen. Ich falle von einem Schockzustand in den nächsten.In unseren Nachrichten spricht man zum Teil schon vom “täglichen Trump”. Es wäre zum Lachen, wenn es nicht so entsetzlich traurig und erschreckend wäre.


  10. I like him with a little more weight. But both pictures cheer me up. I have had a stressful time with hubby in hospital. He has had a car accident because of verglas and so my interest of the problems of the world was reduced


  11. swoon


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