Get thee to the Santa Barbara film festival this weekend, Richard Armitage fans


Saturday or Monday.

~ by Servetus on February 1, 2017.

10 Responses to “Get thee to the Santa Barbara film festival this weekend, Richard Armitage fans”

  1. This is out of the blue, I’d pretty much given up on Sleepwalker surfacing. Would this mean DVD release at least?


    • That was how Frozen made it to DVD — I think several festivals and then awards at some of them. Fingers crossed. It took 3 years between filming and appearance of the DVD, though.


  2. what i get from looking at this poster is that it might be a psychological thriller, because when you look at Mr. Richard Armitage, you see a little bit of him but then if you really look at him you see different people ( to me what i see is ), Mr. Richard Armitage, ron silver, oliver reed, and the sheriff from the bates motel t.v. series. even though i haven’t seen any previews to this movie, just seeing that poster shows that it looks like it is going to be a great movie.


    • I kind of meant to say is I think by the poster, is the girl goes and gets help and Mr. Richard Armitage is her doctor but in her mind she thinks he is helping, or he might not be helping, is he a friend, enemy, lover, etc. (sorry if I made this sound so confusing/strange).


  3. I have been waiting for this one I think more than any other simply because he said it is different than what he usually plays and I think he even made the comment he gets the girl. If on DVD or the cinema. I want to see this one. It has indeed been on long haul.


    • This is totally superficial, but this one is like to have some kissing / sex in it. I’d really like to see it, too.


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  5. I’ve been hoping for this one particularly, too, (and Urban). If the reactions are good enough at the festival, it might get distribution. Hopefully there will be a DVD.


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