here’s another picture of Richard Armitage


~ by Servetus on February 1, 2017.

16 Responses to “here’s another picture of Richard Armitage”

  1. This gorgeous, beautiful man.

  2. the hair!

  3. Nice !

  4. word!

    He really is quite handsome isn’t he?

  5. seriously beautiful … I’m guessing filming this episode could have been how he injured himself for his Hobbit audition; timing would fit.

  6. Beautiful, as long as he keeps his mouth shut lately…

  7. I see you’re self medicating! Wonder what he does to self medicate!

  8. even though it looked liked Mr. Richard Armitage stuck his finger in a light socket , I am happy that it is a different hair style than his usually style/brushed hair to the right side

  9. Oh ❤

  10. Rather like the windblown, tired human look about him here. Nice to see that look for a change.

  11. Loved that episode with RA, Norris and Menzies – thanks for the reminder!

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