Richard Armitage with dogs and odd shoes

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~ by Servetus on February 2, 2017.

33 Responses to “Richard Armitage with dogs and odd shoes”

  1. Beard! Beard! Bear!
    calms down and moves on

  2. I’m trying to figure out the shoes. Are those dog faces on them? Is his character a crazy dog gentleman? That would be amazing.

    (And yes, omg, his hair.)

  3. love the coat and scarf and fluffy hair 🙂 sigh… do the shoes have coffee cups on them? ‘ggg’

  4. Strangely, Richard reminded me a bit of Ringo Starr here…..(on first sight)…

  5. Okay, du hast das Muster auch gesehen. Muss man mögen, solche Latschen….

  6. Great find! Afghan hounds and French rottweiler shoes. Very international.
    Like the style of clothes; the look. However, something tells me those are not his dogs. Maybe he’s walking them for someone?

    • Borzoi, not Afghan hounds. 🙂 They’re closely related, though: both sight hounds, both swift hunting dogs, both likely bred (directly or indirectly) from Salukis. Sweet, smart, loyal pups, and utterly loving. I’ve met some working as service dogs (well, during off-hours), and they and their people are bonded for life.

      • Yes! I’ve met only a couple of Borzois over the years, but they are impressive dogs. So dignified in their demeanor! Not too many animals that might draw my eyes away from the man holding the leash, but that pair might just do it! =)

        • The man holding the leashes would look odd with chihuahuas (did I honestly spell that correctly? 🙂 )

      • Thanks for the comment and welcome.

  7. I assume he must be playing a “flamboyant” character in the film; he looks incredibly mincey to me in those clothes and with those dogs!

  8. Jesus, I really have to start looking a bit more carefully. Neither German shepherds nor familiar shoes (as I surmised in a rash tweet). Kudos to your powers of observation. I don’t think I would’ve even noticed those Rottweilers on the shoes. My gaze was occupied elsewhere in the frame…
    Now, just based on the outfit and the – slightly grim? – look on his face in this scene, is he playing a “baddie” who is on the side of the lady tricksters?

  9. […] more, check out the link and pics on Me and Richard , including this […]

  10. $750 for a pair of shoes with Rottweilers on them? duh I think not lol The man wearing them is too good looking for such shoes, but that’s the price you pay for playing different characters. Personally I wouldn’t give you $7.50 for them.

  11. Givenchy shoes

  12. Very attractive look. Let’s hope his role isn’t too small. I’d like to see more of this.

  13. Dogs? Where?

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