Oh, yeah. #richardarmitage #weibocomesthrough



~ by Servetus on February 3, 2017.

14 Responses to “Oh, yeah. #richardarmitage #weibocomesthrough”

  1. sigh

  2. These close-ups might kill me.

  3. His temples.

  4. so happy that Mr. Richard Armitage went with his natural hair color and didn’t dye it, especially love the gray

  5. Wow! Grey at the temples! Very distinguished. (Somehow the sweatpants and weird shoes don’t match the temple and the coat )

  6. Beautiful. The grey temples. The elegant coat. The beard. (Sigh).

  7. I think he looks fabulous covered in dog hair.hi

  8. Ahhhh……
    The older he gets, the better he looks. Soooo handsome!!

  9. Slowly turning grey. Welcome to my world. Wish I’d look half as gorgeous as Richard with the silver😎

  10. I think that pattern of grey is strategic — it seems unlikely to me that only that area of his hair could be grey. I suspect the rest is dyed over.

    • I agree, the rest of his hair has an odd color (aubergine) or is it just me?
      As for the way in which to turn grey; mr Mermaid is 10 years older than RA and has only just begun to go grey around the ears – and, no, he hasn’t had any touch-ups😉

  11. Dreaming at breakfast

  12. Beautiful…

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