Richard Armitage picture, again

Still self-medicating, although the news was a little better late this afternoon.



~ by Servetus on February 4, 2017.

20 Responses to “Richard Armitage picture, again”

  1. Gute Besserug eingesackt.


  2. Yay Seattle!!! And WA state!! Ahhh… I miss my home state.


  3. It seems we are all passing self-medications around. Yes, hopefully Washington state will “trump” Massachusetts.


  4. Ode to A Takeout Treat

    An order of Richard Armitage to go,
    Neatly bagged from head to toe.
    Is just the pick-me-up to use,
    When current events bring on the blues.
    There is good news to set ladies a quiver,
    The RA store will also deliver.

    Kathy Jones


  5. I think from now on I will refer to Trump as Father Comstock from Bioshock Infinite.


    • wow, that was a new one on me! thanks for the reference.


      • I can’t even make myself write his name. Definitely thrilled he got a taste of restricted power. Perhaps you’re feeling slightly better? I hope so.


        • we’ll see what happens tomorrow — legal challenges to see if they can overturn the TRO or turn the TRO into a temporary injunction before it expires. This will go to the Supreme Court, almost inevitably, and it’s hard to predict what will happen there. So I am somewhat calmer, but only somewhat.


  6. Ahhh, Thorin.


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