Richard Armitage fan was at Sleepwalker






~ by Servetus on February 5, 2017.

7 Responses to “Richard Armitage fan was at Sleepwalker”

  1. That all sounds very positive. Let’s hope for a DVD.

  2. I am hoping for worldwide release.

  3. Oh, that sounds really good for a change. Hope we’ll get a few impartial reviews, soon.

  4. crossing fingers for a distribution deal… but good hopes this will push through; we just had Nightingale on telly the other day

    • That’s the path I’m hoping for — a few film festivals, HBO picks it up, it makes it onto int’l DVD or TV.

  5. When I first read what it was about I thought that sounds so interesting and different from anything RA had done and now it is out there and people are getting a chance to have it picked up…..hoping the reviews stay positive and the distribution is quickly taken. I have waited so long to have this particular one come out, why I don’t know, guess it just seemed my kind of film. Now wait and see.

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