That is Richard Armitage in that picture

This was a selfie tweeted from the Sleepwalker set, back in 2014. In honor of this weekend’s premiere! Looking back at the Sleepwalker photos, I see that he still very much had the bulky Proctor body. Yum.

Richard Armitage, Sleepwalker set, 2014.

Richard Armitage, Sleepwalker set, 2014.

~ by Servetus on February 5, 2017.

10 Responses to “That is Richard Armitage in that picture”

  1. Beautiful. And I really loved his more bulky build during that time.

  2. Those eyes…

  3. I agree that I think the bulkier build suits Richard more.

  4. I personally don’t like his filtered image selfies. Makes him look plastic and unreal IMO.

    • I like them in the context of his face as a piece of art. I like both kinds of selfies. Some are more real life, some are more artistic like. A face can look ‘real’ and a face can look beautifully heightened — I think there are times and purposes for both kinds of looks. Sometimes it’s just nice to see a human face presented as unnaturally beautiful by not all natural means. Just as some paintings are more ‘realistic’ while others are presented in other ways. Some photo shoots have more realism and show warts and all and other photo shoots are much more stylized and blemish free. I find both types have an appeal.

  5. That is definitely one of his better selfies and he looks naturally handsome and just totally in proportion. Great shot. yum.

  6. There’s a certain ambivalence to this. I’d like to know how he made this one. I like the image (it’s got Richard Armitage in it), but I agree it looks fabricated. I believe he erased the skin impurities, darkness and crinkles around the eyes, and did something to the background to make it “fuzzy”, but from the perspective of someone who’s a lousy photographer, it’s alright. I also experiment sometimes with what the smartphone can do.
    The bulky build was alright for Dolarhyde, but I much prefer the lankier Lucas North look to the very bulky Thorin look.

  7. Aww…. one of his first ever selfies!! Liked that one especially. It’s all the blues (eyes!!!) and his expression. Even if it’s enhanced it’s 100 % RA to drown in……

  8. Those eyes! Those gorgeous, gorgeous eyes….

  9. His eyes are sooo spectacular. Sighs.

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