Another picture of Richard Armitage. I know you’re shocked.


~ by Servetus on February 6, 2017.

17 Responses to “Another picture of Richard Armitage. I know you’re shocked.”

  1. Is everything okay? You’ve been so silent today.

    • I went to a fundraiser at Obscura’s church, but it’s mostly a combination of waiting for the other shoe to drop on the news, and then trying to stay away from the Internet because the news is so distressing. I need the news to stop.

      • I can’t help you with the shoe. I’m glad you got out and got your mind off things, with good company.

  2. His hand looks poised to pull the strings of a marionette — Richard as puppet master!

  3. Popcorn Taxi RA – good choice! 🙂

  4. That outfit was a good look for him.

  5. One of my favourite interviews. It was so funny and he was ( is) so good looking and relaxed

    • he was so funny. I wrote a whole post at the time on how I felt like that trip was one of his most successful outings ever.

  6. That brings back some lovely memories.

    • For me, too, and I wasn’t even there. Although I was also just remembering the kerfuffle about whether he was distressed or not at the end of the Q&A.

  7. Lovely 🙂 Hope you are ok, Serv ?

    • Yes, thanks. Just under the weather news wise. I hope you are well, too!

      • I’m well,Serv 🙂 Thanks.
        Sometimes it looks like all the world is going crazy (inkluding my country 😦 ) Wish it was just a bad dream..

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