Midnight explosion in the Servetus household?

Last night I went to bed a bit after midnight. There had been a lot of noise in the neighborhood (snowmobiles, fireworks) after the Superbowl ended, enough that I’d gone outside to see what was going on. I’d been at Obscura’s fundraiser for part of the afternoon, so I was late getting to my daily cup of coffee and wasn’t especially sleepy.

I sleep downstairs, dad sleeps upstairs.

Around 1:30 a.m. dad got up and went to the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush. A little after that I heard the furnace run (this is also a “water” noise because dad installed radiant heat about ten years ago). The hot water heater usually runs its daily cycle around that time of night as well. The noises were annoying me.

I turned over a few times and then I heard this huge crashing noise!

I honestly thought dad had somehow not made it back to bed and had fallen, so without thinking I ran upstairs, yelling, “Dad, what’s going on?”

I sleep in the nude with my glasses on.

So does dad, apparently.

He was standing in the living room and said, “What’s going on?”

General embarrassment ensued.

I said, “Let me put a robe on.” So I went back downstairs and got a robe and we started looking around the house.

“You don’t think something’s wrong with the furnace, do you?” dad said.

“No idea.”

“Why don’t you get dressed and walk around the house just in case,” he suggested.

So I went downstairs again, got dressed, and walked the perimeter of the house. Nothing worrying, although I did notice that the neighbors whose windows I could see were also up. A bit odd, I thought. I attributed it to post-football game parties.

After I calmed down I fell asleep but I slept late this morning and dad was gone when I came upstairs. There’s a place where we leave each other notes, and there was a note there that said, in my dad’s characteristic big black letters:

1. It was a meteorite. Toward Milwaukee.
2. Maybe we need to get pajamas.


[So, if you’re curious, yes, it was a meteor of some kind. It is supposed to have decombusted over Sheboygan (about an hour east of here as the crow flies, two by car because you have to circumnavigate a lake). Lots of strange things happen in Sheboygan for some reason. It’s like an apocalyptic event magnet, that town. Anyway, there were apparently 200 calls to the police, who saw the flash but didn’t know what happened immediately either.

Here’s how it looked from the Oceanic, Space and Atmospheric Sciences building at the University of Wisconsin at Madison:]

~ by Servetus on February 6, 2017.

69 Responses to “Midnight explosion in the Servetus household?”

  1. Krass! Fast hättest du Sterne gesehen 😬

  2. Blimey! I have to admit the whole naked / pyjama thing made me laugh … a lot! Btw, how on earth do you sleep in your glasses? If I did that I’d: a) break them and b) end up with dents in my face!

    Glad no one was hurt by the meteorite.

    • I’m glad it didn’t strike the earth, too. Supposedly there are people out looking for fragments now, but the reports I’ve read suggested that it burnt up fully in the air.

      re: glasses — I don’t know, but I’ve had them since I was about seven and I’ve always slept with them on when I sleep by myself. Nothing bad has happened yet.

  3. That was crazy.

  4. Glad that you didn’t suffer a heart attack from the meteor crash and from seeing your dad in the buff 😂

  5. Wowzers! And that’s just an all around great story!

  6. Have definitely slept in my glasses and yes for in the nude, but thankfully have not had a meteorite fall at the same time. Wow! talk about something to write in your blog about! You definitely take the cake!

  7. Okay, I can’t stop laughing. I just can’t. What a terrific story! The meteorite footage is really, really cool!

    • I wish I’d seen it — but I was in the basement and it was over by the time I was upstairs. I don’t even think dad saw it, just heard it.

  8. Wow!!!

  9. Not this will be any consolation to you, but you WILL get used to seeing your naked father, in stranger and stranger circumstances. Trust me.

    • Yeah, it was kind of telling that my first assumption was that the noise was dad falling. Ah well, I suppose that’s why I’m here.

  10. Wow, that’s exciting (can I call it exciting?) – a meteor landing nearby, not you and your dad in the flesh.

  11. Well, that’s just.. adjectives fail me 🙂 Meteorite thing quite extraordinary, thankfully it didn’t hit and nobody got hurt.. though you might be wishing you didn’t have your glasses on 😉
    I can’t sleep with them, i’d be breaking loads but then again i have to wear plastic frames as the metal ones can’t carry my lenses and plastic does tend to go crack… What’s not so enjoyable is bindly going on a finders missing in strange places when i sleep in new rooms and don’t remember and can’t see where i left them before i went to bed.

    • I sleep really deeply and so I just despise not being able to see right away. But I have to buy special space age material to get the lenses thing enough to fit in the special, space age frames — it’s really a pain.

  12. You sleep with your glasses on? You have got your priorities right! Better able to see than able to cover up what we all know is underneath, anyway 😉
    But whoa – a meteorite. That’s scary and fascinating at the same time. I’m glad the Earth’s atmosphere works so well!

    • Supposedly (an astronomer who looked at the vids says) the stone was only the size of a basketball by the time it reached here, but it’s amazing how much noise it made if that is true.

  13. I love you Dad’s sense of humour. Very cool about the meteorite – glad it didn’t land on you!

  14. How often do meteorites hit? You can skip #2.

    • I think the vast, vast majority of them degrade in the atmosphere, but I couldn’t tell you how many of them don’t. First time it’s ever happened that I remember, anyway.

  15. Your Dad’s note cracks me up! Don’t buy Pj’s, you’ll never wear them, they’ll just lay on the floor next to your bed and the next time you have to jump and run you’ll just trip on them. Trust me.

    • Yeah. The concrete problem here is that the house is way too warm. I’ve pointed this out to him, and he just says, “I like it this temperature.” (I actually think he’d keep it warmer if I hadn’t complained. I like to sleep in a cool room so if I can’t get that with the heater, I’ll inevitably disrobe. Even in my sleep.

      • Blague! Dormir avec ses lunettes permet-il de mieux voir, percer ses propres rêves?
        Une autre solution serait de dormir la fenêtre ouverte. Les alpinistes le font, en plein hiver, pour s’entraîner aux températures négatives, avant de partir escalader les hautes montagnes.
        Mais vous vous exposeriez, à des risques plus grands: coup de froid ( rhume ), intrusion malveillante ( Dragon Rouge), exposition aux rayons lunaires ( moonburn ), de météorite (ET, Homme Vert),…

        • Unfortunately, none of the windows in the room I’m sleeping in open (basement). But I agree, that is a splendid way to sleep.

      • I sleep with the door out to the deck cracked open every night, even twenty below nights. I set the house at 68 but being on the third floor we’re always in the seventies. It’s good for the kids but I can’t sleep like that! I tried for awhile for various reasons, now the kids just have to deal.

  16. Wow!!!! I can hear the retelling of this story in ten years…”Remember the night we were bith naked when the meteorite struck????” Lol…this is definitely one that’s gonna stick around…😄

  17. Wow a meteorite in the southern part of the state, first I have heard of it is here. You would have thought that they would have had that on the state news. Since I have always hated my glasses I can’t imagine sleeping with them.

  18. Wow! What a story! I was giggling as I imagined the scene!

  19. It would be Sheboygan – nexus of weirdness! I wonder if naked dads is a local thing – mine does that too.

    • IKR? The next thing you know, Harrison Ford is visiting.

      I guess I never really thought about what people around here wear to bed.

      • Or not wear to bed. Loved your story. The meteorite is almost as exciting as picturing you and your dad naked. I had to reach for my smelling salts. Mercy me!

    • Wow! We saw it on the news. Meteorites are scary.
      Great story. Still giggling.
      Fathers not wearing pajamas … not a local thing. Hubby’s father does that. It was quite disconcerting when he went wandering about without his robe when he stayed here. (He suffers from Alzheimer’s, but that doesn’t negate the shock factor.)

      • Interesting. maybe it’s something we just all do as we get older?

        I do have a nightshirt for when I’m traveling or sharing a room or whatever.

  20. Wow! I heard about that meteorite yesterday.

  21. Wow, a night of revelations! I wonder which will be recalled more often – the meterorite or the time you discovered that both of you sleep in the nude and wearing your glasses. I love your dad’s note! LOL

  22. This is laugh-out-loud funny! And the glasses are the icing on the cake.

  23. Wow! Dinge die man nie vergessen wird!

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