UK fans gets to use their Richard Armitage knowledge

Richard Armitage was the answer to a question on University Challenge this evening in the UK. (It’s a show like College Bowl in the U.S., for anyone who remembers that.)

I just picked this one tweet as representative of about two dozen, because we’d heard from Chris Naylor before.



Definitely seems to brought some smiles to a few faces tonight!

~ by Servetus on February 6, 2017.

15 Responses to “UK fans gets to use their Richard Armitage knowledge”

  1. What was the question?

    • Supposedly the show is on iPlayer. From the tweets, it sounded like it mentioned actor, born in Leicester in 1971, North & South, Guy of Gisborne, and The Hobbit.

      • You have to have a UK IP address to view Iplayer so we will have to wait for a UK resident to enlighten us.

        • Someone just told me that he was a “starter” question for ten points and they got the answer immediately. I assume you’ve seen this show but if not here’s some info about the game play:

          • Yes – it’s an institution in Britain and the term ” your starter for 10″ is part of the vernacular. I’ve even known people on it!

            • I’m going to file that info for future reference — to use next time in the UK somehow 🙂

              • Good idea- that is my challenge for you and I look forward to you reporting back.

                On my recent trip to the UK several people assumed I was Australian, despite me retaining a British accent ( according to virtually every Aussie I meet). On reflection, most agreed that it wasn’t my accent but my intonation and use of language that was Austalian, which is interesting. So whereas ” your starter for 10″ would be met with blank stares here, saying “it was the other side of Woop Woop” would be perfectly understandable ( meaning “it was a long way” – for several years I thought Woop Woop was a real place…). But I’m digressing…

          • “Starter for ten” was also a film with James McAvoy yonks ago. Quite funny actually. And with Cumberbatch supporting…

  2. How cool. Armitage is common knowledge. Or maybe not, seeing that it is University Challenge…

  3. So cool!

  4. First, a Guy of Gisborne figure, then a Lego character, now this??? He’s gonna have a star on the Walk of Fame…you wait and see! Hahaha!

  5. It was a brilliant moment, Edinburgh went on to win with a big score the whole team relaxed it seemed , I always watch and I never dreamt Richard would be a question …classic.

  6. yay Edinburgh!

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