Richard Armitage / John Standring self-medication


~ by Servetus on February 7, 2017.

12 Responses to “Richard Armitage / John Standring self-medication”

  1. sigh


  2. John Standring is still my favourite RA character and the one I’d love to have seen more of (in more than one sense!). I always wished for a sequel just to see John happy.


  3. A beautiful scene, so touching. He’s also one of my favourite characters.


  4. That was the first moment where there was hope that they might just be ok. Very moving.


  5. One of the most romantic scenes ever filmed in my opinion.


  6. sigh poor children 😦


  7. I was never optimistic about what would happen next, but this story pushed most of my buttons.


  8. John was just one of those characters that left a mark on your heart and you felt deeply for. You wanted only good for him because he was a good basic man.


  9. Such a sweetie! sigh (I always have the urge to shake Carol hard 😀 )


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