Has Richard Armitage been nominated for another Audie?

Trying to verify now.




~ by Servetus on February 8, 2017.

15 Responses to “Has Richard Armitage been nominated for another Audie?”

  1. It seems to be correct. There are more nominations listed on the Twitter account of Tavia Gilbert. Among them there’s Turn of the Screw / Emma Thompson for best female narrator, and then David Copperfield with Richard Armitage for Literary Fiction and Classics.


    • Usually there’s a press release posted on the web as the first step (or so it has been in past years) but I’m not finding it at the moment.


  2. Seems I posted this while you’d already found Gilbert and added it to the post.


  3. Oh, good for him.


  4. Audible Twitter RT’d the Gilbert tweet, too, so presumably that means it’s official. I am just wondering why Audible only # and @ tags Scarlett Johannsen and Armitage with congratulations. Maybe the other narrators are not on Twitter? Or not famous enough? In any case, delighted to see Armitage validated again with a nomination.


  5. I think the two mentioned by Audible are the only two published by Audible themselves. The others are published by Harper Collins and Random House.


  6. Well deserved! Copperfield was a great performance imo.


  7. Sue, I do agree I find his work in “Venetia” delightful. I think it is my favorite of the Heyer novels,next I would say Sylvester.

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  8. my favorite is “The Convenient Marriage” . I do like “Venetia” and “Sylvester”. I probably would of like the other audiobooks that Mr. Richard Armitage has done, but they are not on regular cds. I hope one day Mr. Richard Armitage would read his all time favorite book. I know he said he read The Hobbit growing up and other books, but a book that he has read over a 100 times, knows what happens, knows all the characters name, etc. and the book is falling apart because he read it so much (something like that).


    • it’s true that a lot of them are a pain to obtain. Supposedly David Copperfield was one of his favorites, though.


  9. […] nominations were for David Copperfield (2017); Classic Love Poems (2016); Hamlet (2015); and Venetia […]


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