Richard Armitage planning to return to Berlin

Not sure if I should put an exclamation point on that or not.


~ by Servetus on February 8, 2017.

18 Responses to “Richard Armitage planning to return to Berlin”

  1. Wie der Phoenix aus der Asche…..


  2. His tweet is still on my timeline. He still is involved in Berlin Station according to all accounts.


  3. Great ❤


  4. Re: deletions.
    It’s clear RA now intends only to use Twitter for work-related issues.


    • I dunno. Most of the Brexit tweets are still there (I looked b/c I wanted to know if all the spring tweets from Berlin were gone — the refugees tweet is still there), and his follows are still heavily political.


      • Yeah, but Brexit originates from his own country. I would assume he’s trying to stay under the radar with respect to US political issues for the moment.
        And what about the weirdness of “alternative” news??


        • he’s free to deal with his SM however he likes; nonetheless the Brexit tweets are still there and they are still political and hardly work-related. Unless he has a new job I’m unaware of.

          Not sure what alternative news has to do with his tweets, though.


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