More on Sleepwalker from Santa Barbara paper #richardarmitage

Here. Also not exactly complimentary.

~ by Servetus on February 10, 2017.

11 Responses to “More on Sleepwalker from Santa Barbara paper #richardarmitage”

  1. Ouch o.o I’ll have to check it out anyhow because it’s what I do.


  2. This reviewer doesn’t even get the title right (‘Sleepwalk’), and I’d say one thing one definitely can’t claim is that Armitage is such a bad actor that one has to lower one’s expectations. I haven’t seen the film, but I strongly doubt that he performed badly in it. I wouldn’t take this review seriously. My only worry is that bad reviews will mean that the film won’t get distribution / a DVD after all.


  3. Without the two reviews I would have classified this has as a Art house type film or heading straight to streaming services or cable. Armitage is a good actor who can elevate a bad script. It sounds like the director could not resolve his script issues or tried to shape the film in the editing process. Sometimes there is not much an actor can do if that is the case. But I would want to see the film and judge for myself.


  4. I learned a long time ago not to go strictly by what critics say, there have been so many films they have hated that I have loved, so if it gets picked up will definitely watch it and judge for myself. No I have not adored everything RA is in, Hannibal being one, but you watch it and judge for yourself, hopefully Sleepwalker will have the chance to be judged before being left in the world of films made and never released.


  5. I agree with Irish Witch. you really can’t believe the critics. I think what would be interesting for this movie is instead of doing a big premiere in a movie theater, they should do it in a art gallery(since some people are saying it is kind of artsy) or in a museum, my favorite is that they find one of those abandon hospita/asylum (fix it up for the premiere) and show it there. people would be saying,” what kind of movie is this for them to show it in an abandon building”. it would peak a lot of people’s interest and they would go to see what it is about


    • That would be a fun way to show it. Especially since they won’t have money for a red carpet without a big distributor.


  6. meant to say hospital


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