THR says Sleepwalker has primarily “art house appeal” #richardarmitage

Here. Ouch for Armitage.

~ by Servetus on February 10, 2017.

14 Responses to “THR says Sleepwalker has primarily “art house appeal” #richardarmitage”

  1. Oh dear. When I started reading I thought the plot sounds like something I’m generally interested in but the rest of the review sounds more like I should wait for a DVD/Netflix/other platform release rather than trying to hunt down a cinema that will play it.
    And yet there is to hoping for more “chiaroscuro” screenshots of lovely Mr Armitage. Shadows and stark light suit him. 😉


    • It sounds like it has a really twisty plot. I’m suspicious these days when reviewers say they are confused, because I’m usually not. I guess we knew it wasn’t a major market blockbuster.


  2. It was clear that Sleepwalker is aimed at a rather specific audience that can deal with something complex, stylish and possibly demanding. Reviewers also complained about how complex and difficult to understand Berlin Station was, and I didn’t have a problem understanding that. I hope we’ll get a DVD so I can make up my own mind, but so far these reviews don’t change my interest in the film at all.


    • yeah, it’s clear that this film isn’t participating in the direction that mainstream film is going (to appeal to foreign markets — less complex plots, less dialogue, more investment in visuals). Lester’s other film (Nightingale) wasn’t like that either.

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  3. Never mind the comments on the film itself – but what was said about RA’s performance as Dr. Scott White, did not sound flattering, either. Or maybe I misunderstood the way it was meant? To me it sounded as if they implied that RA and O’Reilly did not have any chemistry? Well, if anything, that review makes me want to see the film even more now. How do you like them apples?!


    • I didn’t understand exactly what that meant, either. I read the first part of it and thought, well, he is her doctor, but then they say there’s a romantic subplot — but they imply it’s a sript problem?


      • Upon re-reading – yes, maybe they alluded to the script, not the acting. Just based on what we know about RA’s acting abilities, it would really surprise me if he got the rapport between the characters wrong. But then again – haven’t seen the film…


  4. Ouches all around. It seems no one got off unscathed. Still looks interesting to me though!


  5. Even more important to see it now, but of course I would either way. Even IF it’s more art theater, that’s not hard for me. It could be for a lot of others though, so hopefully it will hit mainstream.


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