Richard Armitage, looking like he’s up to something


~ by Servetus on February 12, 2017.

6 Responses to “Richard Armitage, looking like he’s up to something”

  1. I’m really not minding looking at pictures at all! He looks like he’s just said something naughty and he’s waiting for the laugh!


  2. I like his grin too. I prefer it when he is fuller in the chops as in this picture rather than the thin, somewhat gaunt faced look he had during the latter half of last year.
    Maybe when he returns to Berlin this year, he can indulge in plenty of his favourite wurst curry and put on a few pounds?!!


  3. Mr. Richard Armitage has that mixture of a peeping tom/dirty old man, serial killer, and a little boy(who knows he did something very bad and doesn’t care) creepiness look.


  4. What ever combo he has, it definitely attracts. 🙂


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