That would be Richard Armitage in Wellington


~ by Servetus on February 13, 2017.

14 Responses to “That would be Richard Armitage in Wellington”

  1. So much joy!


  2. Mr. Richard Armitage looks very handsome and I love his smile, but he needs to gain a little bit of weight. His head looks a little bit bigger than his body. It kind of looks like somebody cut off his head and stuck it on a body.


    • There’s a technical term for the perspective in this photo, it’s called “barrel shortening” and has to do with where the lens of the camera is in relationship to the subject’s face. It’s something photographers try to avoid.


  3. I love this one. Pure unadulterated joy!

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  4. Keep on self-medicating, it helps us all.


  5. I love this picture ! Great smile, great suit, and a crisp white shirt.


  6. Man, they are having a really good time!! Great picture! Contagious! Always one of my favourites from “The Hobbit” premieres. (Still deep down inside I (also) felt a little regret that I would never be a person who could be that spontanteously comfortable with Richie, when “meeting” him for a second at an event like this.)
    Aww….well….he was so happily savouring the moment. 😀


    • I couldn’t, either — I think you’d have to be from New Zealand and young and fearless. But good for them 🙂


  7. dreaming she is that girl on the photo


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