A further Richard Armitage / David Hewson conversation Romeo & Juliet

Transcript here.

~ by Servetus on February 16, 2017.

15 Responses to “A further Richard Armitage / David Hewson conversation Romeo & Juliet”

  1. Haven’t watched the interview yet (fear of spoilers as I haven’t listened to RJ yet, either). But I spy with much delight the reappearance of Richard Armitage’s best-loved, worn-out white t-shirt on the video still…


    • I don’t think there are any spoilers here that you wouldn’t get from the generalized publicity. The interesting parts, as usual, are about how it gets done, the process, and there are a few funny moments. The historical bits are kind of all over the place. I haven’t listened to it — should I say “yet” or not ? not sure — either, but critiquing Hewson’s historical approach would be silly on my part as he clearly is interested in the story for very different reasons than I would be. I don’t want to get into a whole thing about the historiography on the construction of identities in the Renaissance. He’s a mensch and I enjoyed listening to him at length here as much as Armitage.

      And they both say “re NAY sahnce” instead of “RENaSAHNCE,” which always makes me smile.


      • Tbh, I am much more curious about what Hewson actually has to say, rather than RA. (I can kind of imagine what he will say… he’s pretty good at these interviews, and we’ve heard a good few Audible comments from him already, so I don’t expect anything majorly insightful or new from him.)


  2. WTF?????????? I have just noticed that the interview is 24 minutes long!!! whoa Now, that is a true gift.


  3. It’s really long but worth listening. I enjoyed Mr. Hewson’s voice as much as Richards, they could record a duet. I am not into audio books because they take too much time for me and I’m getting impatient very quickly because I can’t skip boring parts…But this video is efficient marketing, at least it works for me since I am now very interested in this work.
    RA looks very pale and tired, perhaps this interview was held after a LLL performance. Not his best look, the shaggy suit and the ragged shirt weren’t chosen by Ilaria, I’m pretty sure.


    • The interview was recorded the next morning after the LLL press night. Guess it wasn’t easy for him.


    • This interview was recorded on Oct 20; press night for Love, Love, Love was Oct 19. However, I don’t think he looks especially pale given his normal skin tone. He’s not heavily made up here, though.


  4. Kopfkino!!!!! Herzlichen Dank, Servetus.
    Heute konnte ich nur kurz reinhören, aber “Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude”.


  5. That’s a really interesting listen. Gives insight into writing for audio as well as performing. Some cute quips from RA as well. Thanks for posting it.


  6. It was very enjoyable, Servetus 🙂 Thank you! I think I could listen to them much much longer..esp.to Mr. Hewson.


    • He has an interesting way of speaking, I find. Also, he’s so phlegmatic that it’s often funny. And he’s written a ton of novels. I’ve been reading his advice to writers off and on and it is very practically oriented.


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