Netflix bought Brain on Fire. Whew.

I hope that means it will filter eventually through all of the Netflix market countries.


~ by Servetus on February 17, 2017.

21 Responses to “Netflix bought Brain on Fire. Whew.”

  1. Works for me — especially if it’s as bad as they seem to be implying. It means I can watch the “good parts” whenever I want, and fast-forward through everything else. 🙂


    • It wasn’t as bad as some of the review I read — I think it’s more than a “disease of the week” film — but it’s so heavily dependent on Cahalan’s perspective and Chloe Grace Moretz was at the least miscast and at the most disastrous.


  2. this is good news. I hope that Netflix will buy the rest of the movies that Mr. Richard Armitage has done.


  3. This is the best option I think. I doubt I would have spent money in a theater to see this film. Not with Moretz as the lead.


  4. Glad to hear it. I plan to be the judge myself. I never take anyones word on a film until I watch it. At least I can get to see it on Netflix whenever it appears.
    Yes, I would love for his other movies to be picked up “somewhere out there”!


  5. Would it help create perceived “demand,” if those of us with Netflix accounts put the title in our “Save” queues? (That’s the parlance for snail-mailed DVD disc accounts, which I still have. I don’t know what it’s called if you stream the movies.)


    • I’m not sure. Do they have a procedure for indicating interest in something? I haven’t had a Netflix sub in years.


      • The database for the snail-mailed-discs account (which is the only service I have) has a LOT of movies in it that are not (yet) available on DVD, e.g. unreleased titles, movies still being shot, old ones that never made it to DVD. When they don’t actually have the disc, the “Add to my DVD queue” choice becomes “Save.”

        Putting a title on the “save” list allows their customers (me) to tell them, “Heh, I would rent this movie, if you had it,” which serves several purposes: to alert Netflix that there’s interest in a title they don’t own, and to gauge, for example, how many discs they will need to buy of blockbuster movies which are popular.

        Plus, I’ve always suspected they probably sell their data within the industry. For old titles, Netflix could tell whoever decides whether to publish DVDs how many copies Netflix itself would buy (depending on how many of their customers say they would rent it), and I assume one could write an algorithm correlating that number to potential direct-to-viewer retail sales (people who will buy the DVD outright.)

        Brain on Fire IS in their database today, by the way, so I added it to my “Save” list. If Netflix buys it, you can all thank me. You’re welcome.

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  6. I’m subscribed to the Netflix streaming service, they don’t have a pre order option or queue. New movies or series are added every month. No Brain on Fire yet. But they do have North and South, the Vicar of Dibley and Robin Hood.


  7. The description of that company sounds pretty bad, and in that regard it’s good that the film was at least sold to someone. But I’m really not into streaming at all and would like to get a DVD. Does anybody here know if a DVD release is still possible / likely with netflix having the rights?

    And one additional thing: The film has at least one cinematic release, in the Philippines. For all we know, other countries might also get a different release than the netflix one, though I suspect that the western world will be covered by them.


    • Once it’s been released in PH, there will be a piratable version available, within days if not within hours. CGM is too popular for this not to happen, I suspect.


  8. good, lots of people can see it! Though i’ll have to find a way round a subscription as i am reluctant to get another one on top of cable and amazon uuf..


  9. […] Netflix bought Brain on Fire. Whew.” February 17, 2017. Initial report that Netflix purchased distribution rights for the film in the U.S. — which, however, it seems to have no plans to distribute in the foreseeable future. […]


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