Richard Armitage gets a name in Oceans 8

Claude Becker?


~ by Servetus on February 18, 2017.

36 Responses to “Richard Armitage gets a name in Oceans 8”

  1. If Lewis is no longer involved I would guess RA replaced him. So he’s the male lead? If that’s the case, he’ll get a fair amount of screen time.

  2. He certainly looks like Claude in the picture 😉

  3. My first thought reading that name was fashion designer or something like that. But then the original villain is gone… It will be interesting to find out what he is in this film.

  4. Hmm, maybe he will have a French accent…?

  5. Maybe he’s Alsatian?

    • That’s what I was wondering. Somewhere on the French / German border, with that name?

      And is it pronounced Clawed (American) or Clode (French)?

      • Exactly – Becker is definitely a German name. Claude is definitely French. Where do you get that cross-over? In the Alsace. Mind you, he’s probably only Alsatian in descent – Clawde all the way 😉

  6. I was thinking the same thing about the name – French/German, and the dogs definitely fit with a name like that and the look they gave him. So, yes, maybe I am coming around to the notion that Lewis is out and Armitage is in – which would be much more than we were expecting. ( I think at least one entertainment outlet described Richard Armitage as “starring” in the film.) Also, if they made the switch – Armitage for Lewis I think it’s a very positive career boost – and also, I think they got a more handsome lead in our guy.
    So, I wonder, can we expect an accent? He ought to be able to do German pretty well by now.

    • and maybe he’ll get to eat a gran choucroute!

      If this were a larger role, it might explain some stuff about the fall.

      • Yes re: Miles. I guess they’ll make it a romantic role since there are so many beautiful women in the film, but I thought his look on the street, the whole fashion designer thing, and the dogs, gave that character a gay vibe. But, if he’s a European, that changes my mind.

        • People keep saying that (the character looks gay) and I’m like, huh? I’m happy for him to play a gay character but I don’t get how that look on the street makes him look gay. I thought he was a New Yorker who fell out of bed to walk his dogs. But whatever.

          • The dogs. The scarf. The shoes. It’s stereotyping, I admit. Also, I read into it, the whole fashion industry connection, but he might actually be in the jewelry business instead. Anyway, with his looks and all those women, if he’s the bad guy or the mark, it makes sense that one of the Ocean’s 8 crew will try and seduce him or maybe the whole heist is payback for some earlier seduction. All speculation. Whatever it is, I think it will be a fun film, if not a good one.

            • okay … I’ll give you the shoes, but I guess I still don’t get it, as I know plenty of straight men who wear scarves and have dogs, but whatever.

              Yeah, I think this will be a fun film. My only worry is that the same anti-woman forces that were brought to bear on the Ghostbusters reboot already seem to be coalescing around this film.

            • For me it was the pants.

              • Oh see, I can see anyone, male or female, throwing on something like sweats or gym pants to walk the dog I’ve gone out with a coat over my nightgown.

          • me neither, he could be any of the bunches of blokes walking their dogs in my neighbourhood! Or jogging or biking round my neigbourhood. Seen way naffer scarves and even shoes/trainers.

  7. Just to clarify – the choice of the dog breed had something to do with my thinking.

  8. Si j’attendais un film intellectuel culte, je peux me détourner de mes illusions, car je risque l’attaque cérébrale.
    Que va t-il faire dans cette galère? Il faut vraiment avoir besoin d’argent, de notoriété, de fouler le tapis rouge pour jouer dans ce blockbuster avec des midinettes décérébrées. Sorry, it will not be my cup of tea.

    • I imagine not everyone likes every project; but we’re back here to having to have face / name recognition, which he doesn’t have in the U.S., to get the kind of work you want.

      Or who knows. Maybe Sandra Bullock just always wanted to kiss him and she told the director to hire him.

  9. Several of the actresses on the project have some connection to him (e. g. Helena Bonham Carter or Cate Blanchett), so there’s a fair chance one or several of them suggested him.

    More power to Sandra Bullock if that’s how she got a kiss out of him, though. 🙂

  10. I like the prospects of this movie more and more 🙂
    (Much belated happy birthday, Servetus)

  11. The first thing that my mind twists around, now that we know the name is the potential accent! i really hope he gets to show his talent with some really exotic and funny tongue twisting :-p

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